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    How to improve English?

    Does the background of a family have an impact on learning the English Language? How can we move ahead and accept this challenge of mastering it confidently?
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    The background of the family will definitely have an impact on our Language learning and getting fluency. If in the house also all the people start speaking in English we will also start speaking English and our fluency will become better. When we are in the native state where we can manage with our mother tongue, it will become difficult to know other languages. If we are out to other States we will learn the language of that state. Similarly, if we go out of the country our fluency in English will increase. That is what people say, Necessity is the mother of invention.
    If you are really interested in learning English and want to get fluent in that you have to start reading English Newspapers and novels. Start talking in English.
    Generally, we all will be thinking always in our mother tongue. But one should practice thinking in English. That will make you perfect in the Language. Book reading means not just going through the lines. You have to understand and if any new word is there, you should get the meaning of that work by referring dictionary and make one or two sentences of your own so that you will remember those words.

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    This issue has been discussed on this platform innumerable times. Please search old thread. You will definitely find some valuable suggestions from the old threads.

    The subject is being repeated again and again (although the author may not know this). The Editors will provide some links of old threads on the same subject. [I am too tired to do this now.]

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    Candidate must have a knowledge about vocabulary so that he can express his views and ideas, must follow the English stories. Regular reading of stories,newspapers this can help you to improve.Grammar plays a important role, it improves a quality of writing, continuous of writing sentences improves slowly.

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