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    My 52 is reduced to 38. What happened to 14?

    I had written 52 articles for ISC and all got approved. Today, When I searched for one good Article of mine relating to Mullai periyar Dam, I found it missing. When I counted the total number of articles present in article section, I could find only 38 articles alive. What happened to the remaining 14 articles? Why are they missing from ISC?

    Can ISC clear my query?
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    Dear Sun,
    As I visit your profile it indicates all your 52 resources. But when I visited your resource section, it only indicates 38 articles. You can check what happens to your article. Please visit the resource section and see my article. Here, you will get all the articles posted by you. Either deleted, published or pending. The list of all the articles will be shown here. So, find which article is not listed in 38 articles and what is the status of articles presently.

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    Mr Sun you can go and find your articles by visiting my article there you can check which articles are approved and which articles are pending and also which articles are deleted there you can find out your queries
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    Hakimmudin & Heena Taj,
    I got into to Article section and clicked 'My articles'. There too, I find only 38 articles of mine. 14 are missing. My good old article "The Ghosts behind Mullaiperiyar Dam" is one among the missing 14 articles.

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    That means out dated articles or the resources which are time bound are being deleted by the admin or the editors concerned. Please wait for the exact clarifications from ISC.
    K Mohan
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    I think there is some technical problem, otherwise this your profile will not show 52 articles. If some articles are reviewed and deleted or pending, you would also get alert for the same. So, it is a technical issue and will be solved by the webmaster.
    We should wait for the response of editors or Webmaster. They will provide us with the clear status of your missing articles.

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    On searching here, I found one of your old thread about Mullai Periyar Dam but nothing in the resource section.
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    Dear Hakkimudin,
    The quoted "Mullai periyar Dam" is not an article, but a thread in forum section for discussion. I am talking about missing articles, not forum threads. In resource section you would find an article on Mullaiperiyar Dam which is alive in article section, and I linked it in some of the recent threads raised on Mullaiperiyar water level.

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    Maybe some of your articles which have become irrelevant with the passage of time (some admission notification, etc.) have been deleted. Only the Lead Editor of the Articles section can give definite information in this regard.
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    All my articles are of permanent nature to live long and entertain the ISC members and other netizens. I never post on admission or post any notification. I did not maintain a record of my articles to quote them. My good article "The ghosts behind the Mullaiperiyar dam" is an valuable article which brings out the facts about the reduction in water storage level of Mullaiperiyar dam. This article should not have been deleted. With the recent floods in Kerala, I feel the ghosts behind the Mullaiperiyar dam are still alive and active.

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    If you need the article for some reference, then it is attached herewith. Now, why it was deleted is for admin to say.

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    PFA your second article on the dam.
    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!


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    Very Many Thanks Mr. Gypsy. No words to express my thanks.
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    A few years back the Webmaster had made an announcement that editors would be deleting articles to conform with Google's policies. This task was taken up on a war-footing because Google had given a short window within which ISC had 'clean' itself.

    Many articles were deleted during this exercise.

    And this might be an ongoing process, wherein articles that do not meet the required standard are either tweaked by the editors or removed from the website.

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