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    Which God is present in God's own country?

    A simple question that requires good answer from you all. All who reads this message must post their reply.

    "Which God is present in God's own country and saving the flood affected people?
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    We cannot have proof and we think of God only during testing times. God is present because, it could be much worse.

    The Gadgil Commission led by Mr.Madhav Gadgil known as the western ghats ecology expert panel in 2011 opined that there is over-use or abuse of the forest land/ deforestation, it was criticized. Now, most of the regions affected are in the Ecologically sensitive zones. The environmentalists quote that this is a manmade disaster.

    We systematically destroy the forest cover, undertake quarrying and sand mining and then when disaster strikes, we question the presence or absence of God. This applies to other states and other countries too.

    Let's pray that the water levels recede and people can slowly re-build their lives.

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    All the army people who are serving there to rescue the people under threat and help the people who are in need are God's representatives only. All the RSS volunteers who are struggling there to help the victims are the representatives of GOD only. All the people who are extending help for their speedy recovery are Gods only. When we are all happy and when we abuse the God gifts nature we never think of God. This is created by us only. We are spoiling the nature and nature is tolerating without any problem to us. But sometimes in between, he has to remind us that what we are doing is wrong. That is why these things will happen. If God is not there the loss may be further high and we might have seen a bigger disaster than this. He is omnipresent and omnipotent. But the problem is with us only. We remember him when we are in problems but when we are happy we will never think of him.
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    Kerala is small state. It is blessed with mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. These gave it a very beautiful scenario attracting tourists from different parts of the world. Enjoyed with all these certain tourists started to refer the state as God's own country. That got established soon. The then State Government included this in the Tourism department's advertisements. Thus everybody started to use this when referring to Kerala.
    From this it is clear that it is the Nature which is playing the role of God. And here the selfish people are destroying the Nature neglecting the importance of it. Destroying forests, hills, rivers, paddy fields, and other natural surroundings, has resulted in this calamity. Hence the Nature has reacted to man's selfishness.


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    Kerala is a beautiful state consisting of hills, rivers, forests, plain land, sea and ocean. So, it is the land of Gods and Goddesses. The capital Thiruvananthapuram is a favourite place of Lord Vishnu.
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    I don't know whether the author is a believer of God or not but the question is quite wondering to note. Yes, Lord Ayyappa is worshiped by many in the country and world and the famous temple is located in Kerala. Also the richest temple of Lord Padmanabha Swamy is also located here. In what way this is connected to the floods? Hadn't the cloud burst in Uttarakhand affect the Kedarnath temple in 2012 causing many to disappear?

    Let us not make fun at this critical time.


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