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    Save trees fight gets folk music touch

    Bangalore :Indranagar residents fight to save trees marked for chopping to make way for redevelopment of the BDA complex is set to get a musical twist.popular folk band swarathma is all set to perform on Sunday morning in front of the structure to create awareness about age-old trees and their importance.
    The performance follows a tree census conducted by Brushes foundation and change Indranagar on Friday,involving citizen volunteers and children.there were seven years olds as well as 70 years old senior citizens involved the exercise,said tree doctor Vijay nishanth.
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    It is very good to hear that the people are fighting for saving the trees. It is good that at least some people in Bangalore city understood the importance of trees and they are protesting the cutting of trees for constructing complexes. In the name of urbanisation, deforestation is going on at a high pitch and the forests are becoming concrete jungles which is the root cause of all these natural calamities. Every individual should take a leaf from the acts of Bangalore, indranagar residents and oppose cutting trees for the sake of constructing multiplexes and complexes. If somebody is cutting a tree, they should plant minimum five trees and take care of them till they survive and start growing. This should be implemented by all the cities, towns and villages. Then only we will have enough trees on the earth and we will have sufficient air and oxygen in the atmosphere which is essential for our survival.
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