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    The positive side of risk taking capabilities.

    After few of the efforts many of us start losing the capacity to undertake risks & this remained the case with most of us but instead of this & rather than turning back & running away from it, if we could go on evaluating the risks, access them & finding ways to mitigate those & at the same time adopt a measure & put our best foot forward, may lead us to some fair dealings or successes. There might be the chances that we may have come-up with hesitations & fears of for one or more times but ultimately the winning can be on our side. We know that this is not an easy job but remember that the success too get away with few only.
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    I totally agree Mr Ved Prakash Anand .what you are saying is right,we may face lots of risk in our life without risk there is no benefit of living.risk is also play a great role in it. Because it gives a strength to manage our work and it also able to make us aware. So risk is also important to face any kind of losses in business.like that fear is also important because a good fear teaches to go in a good way but bad fear will teaches to stuck in it so it Issac better to go with a good fear.
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    In my life what I understand that those who have taken risk in life and surpassed the same with greater challenges and guts have always learned and earned and thus with that experience one can tackle any kind of situation in future. The investment in gold, land, and other financial dealings are always associated with the risk factors and those who have forward looking ideas and have confidence in them, do proceed further and even gets benefited. But again risk factors are having lots of loss happening situations to which persons must be ready to forgo their money. Otherwise they end up as mad.
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    In our life, we should not hesitate to take risks and the risks also should be evaluated properly and basing our capability only we have to take the risks. If we run away of taking risks we will not be able to go up in the life. There are many incidents in the history where people have taken risks and come out successfully with their shrewd planning and meticulous implementation. Sometime we may get some negative results when we take some risks but we should be ready with the mitigation plans and implement the plans and we can reverse the happenings favourable to us.
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