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    What generates Pessimistic mood

    Scientists have identified a brain region that could generate pessimistic moods in disorders such as anxiety or depression that leads people to focus more on the possible downside that the potential benefit in a stressful situation. In a study tested on animals researchers at the Massachusetts institute of technology have found that stimulating caudate nucleus a brain region linked to emotional decision making induced animals to make negative decisions.
    The caudate nucleus has points within it regions that are connected with the limbic system,which regulates mood, and sends input to motor areas of the brain as well as dopamine producing regions. The study showed that the animals gave far more weight to the anticipated drawback of a situation than its benefit, compared to when the region was not stimulated.this pessimistic decision making could continue through the day after the original stimulation.
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    It's a simple fact of the successive failures in our lives which could be the major reason here but even bigger would be the mind set of acceptances of those failures in our life. I do feel that in order to get this we wouldn't have required to go through such experiments. Anyhow wait for the expertise of the other members as well.

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    When we are all habituated to good happenings in life , we cannot confront or digest any bad moment in our life and that will have larger than life effect on us. And the mood of the people cannot be compared with that of animals. Animals wont have so many responsibilities like human being and they are destined to get the food, thanks to the parting of food attitude of people around them. Whereas human being has to strive and earn for his own and also for the dependents and in that process, he has to confront with intricacies of life, failure, challenges, good and bad moments and all will tell upon his behavior.
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    When a particular person is under stress and tension, mistakes are bound to happen. In these moments our mind will also work negatively. So to avoid negative thinking we should avoid stress and tension. This is my experience and I learnt this fact by seeing many people in various position with and without stress and strain. The thinking depends on the people around you and your bosses and colleagues also.
    We will be definitely healthy and happy if we are not under the influence of this tension and strain. We should not allow negative thoughts to come in our minds.

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    Pessimistic or Optimistic mood is a state of mind, which is directly associated with our thinking process. This has also been pointed out by few authors here. They also suggested that one should not allow negative thoughts to come in his mind. Definitely, this will help reduce nervousness & anxiety.

    But the question is, is one able to decide which thoughts should come & which should not. Are we in any way capable enough to choose particular thoughts out of a large pool of thoughts? If one can do that, he can also stop thoughts at will, but that's not the case.

    Thoughts come & go at random, and they come with a certain amount of energy. Level of that energy decides how much that thoughts is going to affect us.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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