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    Hello to all. It is great to join this awesome community .

    Hello, I am new here. It is great to join this awesome community. Please give me advises that how can I use this site to create some impact as well as to earn from my writing :-)
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    Welcome here. It is a really good site for learning and acquiring the knowledge. Before starting the journey I advise you to read the help topics and know about the site well. These help topics will give you a good knowledge of the site and how you can do your work and how you can get benefitted. Go through the forums at the top of the list which are important in knowing more about the site. Similarly, you try to go through some important articles which will be at the top of the list of articles. They will educate you more about this site. Once you get the required information you can start your posting by reading the posts and posting your observations and remarks regarding the topic. Please follow all the rules and regulations while you contribute in this section. Otherwise, you may attract negative points and other severe actions. I wish you will have a good time on this learn and earn site and all the best to you. Start your journey on the site.
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    Aishwarika Lahiri,
    Welcome to ISC a reputed educational portal where you can enhance your English writing skill (if you don't have) and earn some money through your contribution as Articles, Questions, Answers and topic for discussion. Wish you all the best, Lahiri.

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    Welcome Aishwarika to the ISC. As a beginner you can go ahead with submitting your ideas & observations against different threads here being in operation. In addition, pl. restrict yourself from copy & paste from any another site or sources as this will lead to the copy right violations on your end. If your submissions are found to be of good by the ISC team then points would be allocated to your account. Going ahead, if the submissions are unique having good quality materials then you can also be awarded with few bucks into your account which you can claim later on after reaching to a specified limit. Don't go for the repeated threads but instead use the relevant thread being already in operation or else the same may get blocked or deleted. To the least expectations of the ISC team, the members are expected to behave moderately & not going personal. So best of luck.

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    If you have interest in creative writing and you want to improve your writing skills and also want to sharpen your group discussion faculties, then you have reached the right place.

    This is a leading knowledge sharing and educational portal and there are opportunities of earning while learning in this site.

    There are many sections where you can participate in discussions, answer questions, post jobs, write details about schools and colleges, write about places, submit your articles, communicate with members, respond to other articles and things like that. So there are many activities and one can choose from the lot.

    All these activities are directly or indirectly linked to some revenue generation for the participant. The revenue is corresponding to your contributions as well as their qualities.

    Every week and every month, the good contributions are awarded. In addition to this there are regular contests which test the creative writing skills of the members and the winners are suitably awarded.

    So, welcome to this great site and wish you all success and good luck.

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