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    New experience while manning the flood helpline

    Kerala has been devastated by the flood. Out of fourteen districts of the state, thirteen have been affected by rainwater and water released by the Mullaperiyar dam and Idukki dam. Fortunately, the intensity of rain has decreased since today morning, although it has not fully stopped.

    Our office is running a helpline. Today I had to supervise the functioning of the helpline (twelve separate instruments) from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. My staff tried to help the flood-affected people who called the helpline. I am impressed by two callers who called from Kuttanad taluq of Alappuzha district. They sought help giving their coordinates.

    However, I have a new experience today. Some people enjoy calling the helplines. One such person was seeking help from Uttar Pradesh regarding his ration card. Even after explaining the matter properly, he called again twice. A lady from Kolkata was seeking legal help against the encroachment of her friend's property. Another person from Delhi sought urgent help to change the tire of his car. There were another two or three such inappropriate calls.

    Earlier I raised a thread on the unhelpful helplines. Today, I have realized that some people also enjoy calling the helplines to pass their time. This is a new experience for me.
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    That is true. Some people enjoy talking to help line and pass their time. But how far it is correct I don't understand. By keeping the line engaged some real person who wants some help is getting denied the facility. Helplines are really good for the people who want some real help. The people who are manning the help centres should have a lot of patience to answer the questions of callers. Sometimes the questions will be very irrelevant and take out the energy of the person giving replies. It is good that the people getting help through these helplines when they are in need and the government is doing good service by employing some officers for helping the needy through this helpline facility.
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