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    Blame game now has started & this time on Kerala flood & relief package.

    The Opposition parties now has started targeting the Central government for not doing enough for the Kerala flood victims & that this should be declared as a national disaster. This so far looked good on their end but what is surprising to me is that they are not having the numbers of about how many relief camps are being in operation in comparison to how many still required in actual. But instead they kept on repeating the same that this should be more & this continued throughout the debate in a National news channel. What was surprising to me was that what they were doing in debate when the whole of Kerala got affected badly because of this flood. If they are so much caring for the people of Kerala then they should have visited the affected regions with a helping hand but they are trying to play the victim card on their behalf.

    Soon we will be evident of more such cheap talks & so fasten your seat belts.
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    The great Sitaram-chacha of CPI(M) has stated that the interim compensation package of Rs. 500 crores is inadequate. I would like to know whether anyone has stated this amount adequate. Another Congressi (so-called) leader has criticized the PM stating that he (the PM) visited Kerala late. If he would visit Kerala on 14th or 15th, this leader would shout about the insult of the Independence Day. I would like to know what the great leaders of the opposition camp are doing nowadays. How many of them have so far visited the flood-ravaged state?
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    After the rain, and when Kerala returns to normalcy, the opposition party would play more and accuse the ruling party for their inefficiency to control the flood and avoid damage to Kerala. Then, the ruling party would blame the opposition party stating that the flood was a conspiracy by the opposition parties.

    I am sure, the ruling party has handled the flood situation well, and CM of Kerala deserves Kudos from all. Kerala is a rich state, and it will return to normalcy soon with the funds pouring in from foreign countries, the states of India, the NGOs and the individuals. Opposition party would demand the account details of income and expenditure .

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    The rains in Kerala are unprecedented and there is nothing wrong in declaring it as a 'National Disaster'. It is only in time of need like this more is expected from the Central Government. The UAE has taken note of the severity of the situation and formed a committee to help the State of Kerala as the Keralites are the backbone of their development. There will always be comments from various sections which need not be taken seriously.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, when the united AP was battered with severe floods and cyclone effect where in the entire coastal area was affected, the then Congress government gave meager amount to the state stating that it has to cope up with the donations pouring in from public and overseas. And here at least 600 crores interim relief has been announced by the Modi government. Normally the center funds are released to the affected states after the central team estimates the exact loss comparing to the data given by the affected state government. And in this case the Kerala is still experiencing the rain and there is no scope for estimating the loss. So the interim relief is the stop gap arrangement and the state is poised to get good amount from center sooner or later and those who wont understand this are making politics to which nothing can happen.
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    Nowadays the blame game has become common. Whatever one does the other party will criticise. But everyone should remember that the priority is to rescue the people who are suffering and bring back normalcy at the earliest. After the division of Andhra Pradesh, there was a severe cyclone in Visakhapatnam. The CM of AP stood there and seen that all the possible help will be given to victims. He was successful in doing the same. No casualties and within 3 or 4 days normalcy have come back. At that time also the central government has announced some interim relief and after based on the actual damage estimated, they have provided the funds. Now in Kerala also the state government is handling the situation well, I understand. The central government also promised maximum help. Another advantage is UAE and other countries are also coming forward and helping. So the people who are really interested in the welfare of the people of Kerala can come forward help them in cash or kind or extend their service, instead of giving lectures or participating in the TV discussions and debates.
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    These opposition politicians have no work nowadays. So, they remain busy in finding faults. It would be better if these politicians collect money and relief materials and send these to Kerala. If they want to send these under the banners of their respective parties, that would also do.
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    I have been noticing one pattern being followed by the opposition parties. First the accusation is started by Rahul Gandhi and then seconded by Mamta Benerjee and thus entire opposition join the mudslinging against the government without understanding the working pattern. By the way the Congress is having Seva Dal and NSUI who are very active during shut down and banth calls. Where are those groups now. Why are they not reaching the needy of the flood. Congress need not spend money, but let their workers help and shift those stranded elsewhere to the nearest relief camp.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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