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    How you manage TV conflicts at home?

    Most of the households witness TV war at home where different family members want to watch different channel as per their choice. Kids want to see cartoon channels, ladies want to see serials and entertainment programs, men want to watch news, finance and sports channels. If it is a joint family then situation further gets challenging as there will be grandparents who will want to see sacred and religious channels. Though with the advent of streaming media many importance of TV at home has decreased as many people watch their own channels on their laptops and smartphones but still TV continues to be important in households.

    Most of the households resolve this conflict by having more than one TV at home and multi-TV connections are quite are popular. But still that is also not a viable solution as the number of choices in a household can be different for each member, so how many TVs we can afford to have at home? It also adds to our monthly budget.

    I think cooperation and understanding among different family members and dividing the TV time slots wisely so that everyone gets their piece of cake is a more practical solution. Family members should show maturity in this and normally kids should be given a preference in case of overlap. But sadly this does not happen sometimes as adults and old people sometimes become too possessive about watching their channels on TV and it leads to small fights within.

    I think though not directly related, the way in which a family manages these conflicts speaks a lot about the compromise, adjustment quotient prevailing in a family.

    So do you have such TV conflicts at home and how do you resolve them?
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    Generally, I don't watch television. My wife and my daughter fight it out until one of the two budges. However, I have stated that I would not allow purchasing the second television set.
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    In our house we have fixed time for every one in watching television. The mornings are surely for me as I watch the news channels in Telugu, Tamil and English and there is no interference from any one to change the channels. And on Sundays and holidays my boy has the liking for Discovery channel and Epic channel to which there is no interference as he would see the same after 9 am. Like wise my daughter is fond of Hindi film songs and she would be watching the songs on various music channels and there would be no interference. And in the evenings from 7 pm onward the star tv channel runs and the serials are watched by my wife thoroughly. So In the evenings I wont get chance to watch other channels and I would be busy in doing my work on the computer. This way there is total adjustment among the family members as to whom to watch what and when.
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    In our house, we watch the TV very rarely. So there is no conflict. If any special programme is there all of us will sit together and watch the same without any problem. If anyone is interested in a particular program they will switch on the TV and see the program and as such we are not facing any problem. Mainly the ladies in the house are not at all interested in any serials. So sometimes they may watch a good movie only. So there is no problem from their side. I don't bother generally with any TV programme. So there is no problem for me also. Generally, it is better to share the timings and watch the programmes is the best way. Otherwise, everybody can have a TV in their bedroom and watch whatever programme that wants and enjoy. Anyhow all depends on the understanding and the importance you give for these programmes.
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