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    Why are responsible people questioned more?

    It is a fact that in every walks of life be it school, office, home, politics responsible and good performers are always questioned and criticized more and are given more tasks while irresponsible and non-performing people are left alone free and they never get questioned?

    Ideally, it should be people who are irresponsible and non-performers who should get questioned more and should be made to do the work and not get away. But I think this has become the trend as people know that if they give work to a responsible person it will be done without any hassle and follow-ups. Moreover, they always have high expectations from the responsible people and hence question them more.

    I think somewhere this trend has to change and responsible people should not be always overloaded with more work and questions. Instead irresponsible persons should be taught to be responsible and handle the work effectively and they should also get criticized and questioned.
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    Very nice post from the author. It is the known practice that those who are the performers are being given more responsibility and task which testifies that he or she is in the good books of the management and progressing towards as achievers. Suppose you are joining new in a company and on the first day when a senior employee is getting you familiarized with the work and working style of the company and you start doing the work from the first day itself, that enthusiasm and work progress is noted from management and that becomes your bench mark for the performance. That means those who perform yesterday , they are bound to do better than yesterday is the criteria every management thinks and the works are awarded. And being new employee the works are done with care and targets achieved before time and that makes more pressure and more work. That is why one should not show superlative performance in the beginning itself and grow steadily.
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    The author has brought out an interesting topic for discussions. It is a fact that in work places the responsible people are loaded with more tasks especially the tougher ones.

    Here the reason for this is twofold. One is the enthusiasm of a good worker to take up the challenges and second is the convenience of the boss to get the job done properly and in time by the competent person. Boss is also answerable to the higher management and he has only this way to progress ahead in his own career.

    Interestingly the boss or the middle management can not waste their time in pursuing and managing the mediocre workers or inefficient employees. So only alternative left for them is to get the job done in best possible manner by the most efficient and knowledgeable employees.

    The responsible ones also sometimes reap the benefit out of this situation by getting early promotions or good raises in salary. So then it is a win-win situation.

    In some organisations there is no particular benefit for working hard or working more. There the responsible ones are unnecessarily overloaded and always complain about this.

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    Mr. Umesh has summed up the reasons very well. The responsible people are the ones who are always ready for taking up a task. The person who works is always liable for questioning when something is delayed or goes wrong. They will be listened to but not reprimanded. The irresponsible people will not be allowed to get away. They will be properly dealt with and generally are not trusted in case of an urgent or sensitive work.
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    A fact has been nicely explained by the author. There is a saying in Telugu which means people will throw stones on the tree which is having fruits only. Same is the case here also. If the boss gives a work to a non-performer, he has to hear from his boss for not completing the work. So he never wanted to take that risk. He always wants some non-performers also with him for his time pass. So he will try to keep the others also as he knows that the other performing people will be always sincere as they have to survive in the post. This system will be there forever, I think. If a non-performer can be taught a lesson by the boss, they will definitely change. But the boss will never have that much time because of his personal responsibilities and priorities. So they will continue with them like that only.
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