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    Get degree now; study later

    I was thinking about the loans available for us for wedding party, cruises, leisure equipment, vacation, etc. This loan offer makes it possible, when I am already low on finances, to have money to spend on some low priority things. Financial lenders are willing to give money to spend unnecessarily, knowing well they can collect the money back with interest.

    Why not a university give a degree now to tide over immediately on educational qualifications, and we promise to study/pass the course later? If one university gets listed as probable to be in the top ten universities of India when even the board members of this institution is not finalized, then we can certainly give out degrees by faith, and ensure the student learns the subject matter at a later stage.

    What do you think?
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    After reading this post I split into laughter for the author getting out of box idea for giving degree now and study later. ' padayi koi bikau cheese nahi" that means education is not the selling commodity. How can the University can think of awarding degree now and later you manage to pay them. There are many draw backs as such . First of all , not all the students are bright and proving enough to qualify a degree exam. And the Indians have the habit of deceiving and hence may not really study in future that have been promised to the university. By the way , what is the used of having degree, without the proper knowledge acquired and thus it would be a mere waste paper. And companies wont give credence to such degrees which were bought on assurance and not the real performance of the candidate. So I am afraid the suggestion wont sync with the thoughts of many and this may be a good scope to make a film in future.
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    The idea is never practicable. It is not a loan. Even the salary for the employee will be given only after working for the month. The degree is not a commodity to purchase on an instalment payment or to have it on loan. A degree is a testimony of a candidate's ability and knowledge. As such how one can award the degree in advance. Appears very silly. When you are joining in a course already it is decided that what degree you will get. You have to study and get qualified for the same. Then the University will award the degree. This degree will be only useful to you for a job. Simply if you purchase or hire a degree it may not be useful to you for any purpose.
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    As we find the cost of education increasing each year, and institutions become more profit oriented, I wouldn't be surprised to see such improbable situation happening.

    There is a site that gathers actual documented and published research done by people from universities around the world. It is very amusing, and it also makes you think. After going through the yearly lists of prizes they awarded you'd find the 'Get degree now; study later' is highly probable. Search online for "Ig Nobel prize".

    In any case, I put this thread under Entertainment/Amusement section.

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