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    Branch allocation in second year - Would it be a right decision for admission in IITs?

    The IIT council is likely to take a call on the admission process in its Premier institutions in the wake of the competition for the branches that yield lucrative jobs after completion of the B Tech/BE courses. There is a tendency in choosing for good branches like CSE and ECE in the light of good Job fetching opportunities while branches like Metallurgy and Biotechnology are less preferred in top institutes like IIT Mumbai, IIT Kanpur and IIT Khargpur. Same is the scenario in other IITs too. Thus, there is an imbalance in the ratio of rank achievers in the same top IIT institutes in various branches. Moreover, the interest and knowledge in the branch gets a back seat.

    Keeping various factors in mind, it is proposed to leave the option to choose the Branch in Engineering in the second year based on the advanced Test and the first year allocation of the institute would be based on performance in the JEE as the subjects are common in for all in the first year.

    Is this decision a game-changer in the academics and future of IITs?
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    We do know that in Engineering first year, basic subjects are being taught. Specialization subjects are being taught from the second year. But stream allocation in the second year may cause some problems during the initial stage. Some students who leave engineering if they don't get their favourite stream, will lose one year under this new system.
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    What I feel that the student and parents must before hand decide has to what course has to be taken before taking admission itself and it is foolish thought to change the course in second year based on Industries expectations and job openings and that information can be gauged before the admission itself. By the way what I feel that every stream has its own importance and those who are top 10 ranks, to get the jobs in their core area itself. But people are not having patience and wants to sail with the wave as other do and thus end up with under job which is not liked by the candidate.
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    One way it is helpful to the student. He will get a grip on the subject during the first year of his study and he may better understand what is the subject for him where he can fare well. Based on his subject knowledge and the feedback from the seniors of the institutes, the student can go for the branch he wanted. The person, who has done well in the intermediate and entrance examination, will definitely do better in the first year also and always will have the freedom and chance of choosing the branch he prefers. The imbalance in filling various branches will also come down.
    For any point, there will be some positives and negatives. Some people may not get the branch of their choice after completing their first year as the performance may vary in the first year. But understanding the subject and opting for the specialisation will be a better option.

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    This does not seem to be a good idea. The students aspiring to study in an Indian Institute of Technology are generally more focused on what they intend to study and do afterward. Branch allocation in the second year makes them confused. When it is intended to make the students study according to their aptitude, this step will not be a good one.
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