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    Are you satisfied with cricketers and famous artists on their donation for relief fund!

    These cricketers, famous film actors, and politician earnings are in crores per year and they live a luxurious life their earnings will fulfill all the wants of their children and their next two or three generations and so on... but when some natural disaster happened they donate few pennies. Is it right on their part to donate a few pennies and wash their hands. Instead of asking the middle class and poor people to donate money. Can the government order or force the cricket players or cinema actors to donate the huge amount of money like this Kerala kind of natural disaster.
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    I would like to advise the cricketers and cine actors to maintain a separate bank account "Disaster fund". After each match and after the release of each film, they should deposit 10% of their income into their account. This money will grow in banks, and they can donate lavishly during the disasters. It is not only the cricketers and cine actors, but also by the members of business community. The government staff are compelled to donate their one day salary for the purpose.
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    I think the author doesn't know the meaning of the word 'donation'. When it is a donation from others for a cause, our satisfaction does not have any meaning.
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    The donation is an amount or an item given to someone who deserves based on our capacity and our wish. Here the quantum will be decided by the donor and the receiver may satisfy or may not satisfy. There is no requirement for the third party's satisfaction in this transaction.
    Again we can't force anybody regarding the donation. It is the will and wish of the donor. The people earning through their hard work and using their talent. They will have full authority over their money and they can spend the money, the way they wanted. Not even the government can force anybody to pay donations. Once the people are paying the taxes as per the rules and regulations that are in place, nobody can force them against their wish.
    But they should understand the problem and they may donate for a good cause to the maximum extent possible. They have to voluntarily pay but not by force.

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    From now onwards, I will be opening a separate bank account and will be depositing 1 (one) percent of my income separately to help the people affected by natural disasters in any part of India. This will not be touched for any other purpose. I request other members to follow, if they wish.

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    Well I have been closely following the donation list of celebrities and cricket players and equally acknowledging their good deeds in the social media. But I was not happy with the contribution of Rajnikanth which was just 15 lakhs and expected more from him. We we are no one to pressurize the people to up their donation mite, what I feel that given the stature and earning potentials, the actors and crickets should be more liberal than the ordinary people. When government servants and private companies employees are forgoing one day salary for the cause, actors can go further.
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    From Telugu film industry the following are the donations already given to the Kerala Chief Minister Relief Fund. Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala-28 lakhs, Maheshbabu- 25 lakhs. Prbhas- 25 lakhs, Junior NTR - 25 lakhs, Kalyan Ram - 10 lakhs, Dilraj - 10 lakhs. The film industry of the South is always in the forefront to help in times of need like this.
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    The aid flowing in from Arab countries are huge. Quatar government has allotted 5 Million dollars (Rs. 30 crore) for Kerala's flood relief. Also, many other Indian business tycoons are donating huge sum for the flood relief. We should appreciate their spirit of helping the Keralites who helped them to grow. I hope, other countries will also follow suit, as the whole world is filled with Malayalis.

    It is pity to note that the great superhero who earns in crore for a film has donated only Rs. 15 lacs while other young and new film Heros have donated more than Rajnikanth..

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    As Bhushan said that celebrities are earning crores to gather per one film they are earning crores together means how much amount their have imagine. If this celebrities give some around 1 lakh of one celebrity means the whole Kerala can aid by celeberites there is need of others help.
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    It's their money & we don't have any businesses on their part. If we do feel that they are not doing well enough as per capacity then it's better to ignore & carry on with what we can do on our end.

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    Mr. Ved Prakash Anand,
    Unlike an ordinary citizen, the cine celebrities are very very rich and possess wealth worth many hundred crores. They earn in multi crores for a film. If they have a will, they can help the people with much more in crores. As we common man donate one day salary, and the MPs/MLAs donate one month salary, the film personalities can donate the sum earned through one film. We are not compelling them, but only suggesting them to donate.

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    #645844, And that's why I replied with as it's their business & there must not any compulsions on either side but we have to work on our capacity to do our best. There is a big difference between what should have been the case & what is happening? To be on emotional side of what you have come-up with is good but on practical grounds this is different. However, bringing up with a helping hand is a good gesture on your end.

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