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    Recent absence of Sunday contests

    Even if I don't open ISC on other days, I open it on Sundays because there used to be new and entertaining contests. But lately there hasn't been any Sunday contest this month. I thought that today atleast I would get to participate in a contest but I found none going on. The results of friendship day contest was also not announced (the one involving gift). Two of my articles too have not been reviewed yet.

    Why are there no contests lately? Is the incident of Kerala floods affecting the website?
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    May due to busy work by the editors the contests on Sunday are missing from the site . Nevertheless some are having leisure period on Sundays and thus expect some extra actions at ISC.
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    The ME has not been present for some days. The Lead Editor in Forum section is also not available (maybe due to flood). So, new contests are not being announced.
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    Much before the floods in Kerala, the forum thread in which the dates for announcing the contests were used to be given was withdrawn from the pinned forums. Then itself I thought announcing these contests was stopped. Anyhow, I want to wait and see for some time. Meanwhile, the author has come out with this thread. I think there is no connection between the announcement of contests and Kerala floods. But the absence of ME and LE may be due to their busy schedules due to Kerala floods.
    This is my opinion. Anyhow, we can wait for the posting of the Editors on this issue.
    Friendship poems contest results were announced. But the results of the story contest which was announced on Friendship day are awaited. I remember in between there was a thread from the Managing Editor in which she mentioned the response to this contest was very poor as on that date.

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