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    Will the middle go away from the middle classes?

    Irrespective of whether it is the Congress Government or the BJP Government, the squeeze of the Indian middle class is complete. Incorrigible businessmen cheat banks to the tune of thousands of crores, and vanish abroad.

    But the middle class is left hue and dry. Every single damn service has GST and the Government claims that prices will come down. Nothing of that has happened. Inflation is as usual very high. All branded items have gone up. Take services. One wonders why we should pay GST on rural life insurance policies, for example.

    This is ridiculous. The Government squeezes the middle classes. Only now the RBI has woken up. The deposit rates have been revised a bit upwards a short while ago.

    Will the middle go? We, the middle classes are neither here nor there. In the years to come, we need to compulsorily give up on all wants. Even eating a one hundred rupees ice cream is going to be a luxury. Members may share their opinions.
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    True. Rich people will be happy. They need not worry about anything. They can afford with the money they have. The poor are getting some attention and getting some benefits from the government like Rs.5/- per meal scheme. Many free Sops by the government to them. They get houses from the government and their children will get scholarships. They even get some pensions. But all the problems will be there for the middle class. They are the people paying all the taxes to the last one rupee also. They are not getting any encouragement from the government. They won't get any financial support from the government. Even banks will never give them loans easily. Ultimately they are suffering a lot. Majority of their money is going to government in the form of taxes and ultimately they will be getting suffered maximum.
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    Middle class families always face finance problems.even they keep work hard they cannot be meet with current economical crisis.. government put the many schemes for though that will not reach the right persons,behind all these government has secret policies cannot be revealed,middle class always holds same tag

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    It appears that middle class is the worst sufferer. Though in reality all the classes suffer, more or less.

    The income tax rates are so high that the honest tax payers are really in miserable condition. GST is adding fuel to fire.

    So the only thing which Govt can do is to create a good governance and enlarge the tax base so that tax rates can be reduced. More and more people should be brought under the tax net.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Time and again it is proved that the Middle class people are most trusted and honest tax payer to the center as most of us are in the salaried class and the taxes are collected at source and we are squeezed like a tooth paste to the last use from the tube. Though the PM Modi and FM Jaitely has been assuring time and again that honest tax payers and honest people of the country would be protected and given a thought, what is in store for future cannot be ascertained from their statement. One thing is sure, if the middle class wont be there, the constant and consistent tax revenue to the government would be missing beyond expectations and all the big plans of development has to be put in back burner. Even now it is not too late to recognize the value of middle class people and honor them with some sort of relief , otherwise we may loose confidence in governance and the promises made by the leaders.
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