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    After the flood, be careful about snakes, loose electricity wires and drinking water

    Kerala has witnessed the most terrible flood in last hundred years. More than three hundred people died. More than three lakh people have become homeless. They are living in relief camps. Now, the rain has stopped. In place of incessant rain, now the people of the state are witnessing occasional light drizzle. Hopefully, the flood water would start receding very soon.

    People will gradually return to their home. At that point of time, they must be very careful about snakes. It is quite natural that many snakes have left their holes and have come to human localities. People must be extra-cautious about snakes. In case of snake-bite, the patient must be taken to a hospital and not to a snake-charmer.

    I have heard that in many places there is no electricity. When the electric supply will resume, people must be extra cautious about loose electric wires. These loose live wires cause many accidents and even death. So, ask the electricity department to disconnect such loose wires in residences and in the localities.

    Finally, drinking water would be another major issue after such a devastating flood. If consuming mineral water is not possible, people should drink water after boiling the water. This would help to prevent water-borne diseases.
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    A very good suggestion from the author. All the people should be careful. There are many chances that Infectious diseases may spread through the drinking water and other sources. So everyone should use boiled water only for drinking. As advised by the author, there are many chances for snakes and other harmful animals may come out. So you should be very careful when the houses are reorganised and brought to normalcy. Similarly, if the earthing connections were not given properly there will be many chances for electrical shocks due to the wetness of walls and the ground. All should be careful and see that any unwanted incidents will not take place.
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    As of now 80 percent of the electricity has been cut and not available to the citizens of Kerala for obvious reasons and it is true that the aftermath of the floods are associated with many problems. What I could gather from the aerial survey photos being shared on the social media that , receding of water must be through natural process and cannot be pumped out as everywhere there is water and no place to empty the water. That means full sunshine over the period can only clear the mess of stagnated mess of water and surely reptiles, snakes, even crocodiles are expected to be in human habitat. Kerala is known for wild animals and the way the rains have battered the entire states for many days, the animal world would have taking shelter in the deserted homes. So be careful and search for every nook and corner of the house before occupying.
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