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    Oxymoron - a meaningful word containing two contradictory words!

    "The clarity in his expression found missing. So everyone clearly misunderstood him. He tried to attract the small crowd with his fully empty promises. But the end result was pretty ugly which became seriously funny. The only choice left for him at this juncture is to quit politics and go back to his movie world."

    In the above sentences, we find the words - found missing, clearly misunderstood, small crowd, fully empty, pretty ugly, seriously funny and only choice. These two words are contradictory to each other but brought together. Such phrase is called 'Oxymoron'.

    Can you try with some more phrases like this?
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    They act naturally. But in this movie it is pretty ugly. He showed his acting skills altogether alone. After seeing the climax there was a loud silence in the theater.
    always confident

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    I didn't know that small crowd could be an oxymoron.
    My favourite oxymoron is pretty ugly.

    "Dry ice is made of carbon. And so are diamonds. They come from brilliantly dark caves. A strangely familiar smell swells up in these caves. Hydrogen sulfide. They smell like freshly rotten eggs. I find caves pretty gross hence."

    Dry ice, brilliantly dark, strangely familiar, freshly rotten and pretty gross are my contributions.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    He was a single man. He was sitting in the middle centre of the hall.
    No life without Sun

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