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    Why to cry over spoilt milk?

    Everyone is trying the best in one's life to earn money and to progress in one's career.

    Still, sometimes setbacks are there and we feel bad about it. There are times when we are so much affected by our failures that we keep it in our minds and go on repenting on our deeds.

    In fact, there is no point in repenting. Whatever has happened has happened. Let us learn the lessons from our failures and again attempt for the incomplete task.
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    Repenting is a basic nature of human being. We repent over lost opportunities, narrowly-missed jobs, our ex-girlfriends, missing the first prize of the lottery due to a difference of one digit, etc. Everybody repents over lost opportunities, i.e., spilt milk. Nobody cries/repents over properly utilized milk.
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    There is no wrong in repenting for the mistakes done and that would be a probe to self deeds which led to failures or setbacks. By repenting we would learn lesson and get alert not to repeat again. There is a very good proverb in Hindi that "galthian karo par wahi galthi dubara math karna' the meaning is very simple. Make mistakes and do not repeat the same mistake. This proverb stress the need for enhancing the learning process through which one is bound to make mistakes for which one has to learn the lesson and not to repeat again. And coming to the split milk , it is again the mistake of the human being who has not kept the proper utensil duly washed while boiling the milk and hence it is spoiled. And worrying over the spoiled milk is foolishness as the milk wont going to return in its original form and hence move ahead.
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    The suggestion is good. Past is past. we can't bring it back. So go on worrying about that is of no use. But we should know the reasons for our failure in the past and we should identify the mistakes we have committed and we should see that same mistake is not done again. We should use our past experiences and decide on the future course of actions for fulfilling our goals. Not understanding the reasons for failure and go on doing the same mistakes in never good. Analysis of the gone events and pinpointing the causes of failure is the art of living. Not doing the same fault is also a part of it.
    But some people start thinking about the past always and in such a process, they will ignore the present and again they will taste another failure. This attitude is not correct. Always one should live in the present and plan for the future with their past experiences. Then they will be successful in all their endeavours.

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    And that's what the life is all about but the things are not as easy as it seems to be & this very aspect makes the situations complicated & undesirable. Only few among many raises to the level that they desired of & the rest goes missing in the mob unrecognized & lost forever. Blaming one or few of the things for the failures but instead it is the whole of personality which decides our success or failures. The most important is that if we haven't lost the way even after many failures then we still at large reaching to the point or level wherein we can be easily be differentiated among many.

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    Progress and setbacks are part of our life. Some setbacks are really disturbing and it's hard to forget those. We keep on repenting on these setbacks and this repenting may sometimes become so predominant that ultimately leads to depression.

    Whatever may be the situation, we need to analyze things with a positive set of mind and rather keep on repenting we must look for the reasons of the setback. Whatever has happened cannot be reversed and we should not make the same blunder again that led to the setback. We must learn from both failures and success and keep this learning process going throughout.


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