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    Since they lost every thing, Keralites must exempted from all taxes- Request from me to center.

    I was really shocked and yet to recover by seeing many homes felling like a playing cards with the impact of heavy rains and its aftermath effect and thus those who have been shifted to the relief camps have lost everything in their life. Their properties have gone, their belongings has been washed away. No identification and no source of income. Surely everyone has to start from zero and there will be utter chaos after the rains recedes. The state and central government must exempt them from paying any tax and in return help them to recover financially.
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    Good recommendation by the author. Very reasonable and the governments should consider this. People who are suffering should be given a helping hand but we should not tax them. It should be the attitude. Many of the people have to start from zero again. The people who are living by making small jobs like Tea shops, roadside tiffin centres and similar activities have lost whatever they have. To restart they have to start from the scratches and it requires money and time also. For such people loans should be arranged from banks without asking for any security and the interest rates should be as low as possible. That will help them restart their works without any hassles. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to have the meals two times a day in the present situation. Again in this process, some people will try to take the advantage and in such process real suffers will not get the advantage. So the officials should be careful and should not go for any unethical practices.
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    Good suggestion by the author but how far that this is practical in terms of its implications & consequences is more important because we still having with the limited resources & many are already in the line to be taken care of.

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    A nice and logical request from the author. The situation is really grim and it will take a lot of time to recover from the loss. In this hour of crisis many politicians indulge in corrupt practices during distribution of reliefs, this is pathetic and inhuman. I fail to understand how greedy can the politicians become during this time also and allow this to happen.

    It's a good suggestion to exempt them from paying taxes and this exemption should be provided for a certain period of time. Proper monitoring of the flood situation and distribution of relief is the need of the hour. Different sops are given to businesses and there are different waiver schemes announced on particular grounds. Let the government help them in all possible ways to rebuild their homes and announce sops so that they could regain their lost grounds.


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    When our PM Modi can announce largess during poll time to some states, why not this suggestion be implemented and probably that may bring good name to BJP in South in future.
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    A nice proposal but illogical!

    If at all all the taxes are waived off for Keralites, it will set a dangerous precedent. Then other states will demand similar waivers on slightest pretext to gain political mileage.

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    I agree with Gypsy that the consequences would be completely different & unexpected & this could even be used by the political parties for creating unnecessary nuisances in the coming times for their political motives.

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