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    Who is the master in the house?

    There was a time when the male member of the house used to be the master of the house. Nothing could be done without his permission.

    With time things changed. The female members also got the exposure to education and outside world. Some of them started doing jobs and brought salary packets back home.

    This changed the long prevailing rule of males in the house and females also started participating in the decision making process and their advice was also being considered equally important.

    What do you think - in today's perspective who is the master of the house?
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    I am the master of the house, My wife told me. This is a message I have seen hanging on a wall of my friend's house. This will make us understand who is the boss in the house.
    These days the concept of master or boss is getting changed. These days the participative management system has come into existence. For routine matter, we will have our own ways and decide as required. But when there are special issues, all the family members will sit and discuss and take the decisions. This is how we will do in our house. There is no question of the master. The opinions will be heard, discussed and the best alternative will be considered and implemented. Once we start doing this we will not have any problems. The things will move smoothly and life will be easy and peaceful. Instead of that if we start forcing our decisions on the other members' unnecessary issues will crop up. If really your proposal is the best you can convince the other people and see that your decision will be implemented.

    always confident

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    For me going outside & earn a living & managing the home are two different aspects & both are difficult. We must believe in the team work in which both man & woman play important role in running the home.

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    We are in 21 century leave it all things like who is master in your house or who played the dominant role in your house. In this generation both men and women are equal.who play the equally role in each sector. So stop saying or asking who is the best master in your house.

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    Well, nowadays both the Husband and the Wife are sharing the responsibilities equally. Women always had the capacity & capabilities to support the family and manage household activities but initially Men was too proud to let her do that.

    But now things are changing & they are changing for good.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    Now, the question " who is the master in the house?" does not arise. A house can be run only jointly. Earlier man was working and earning. The income from his earnings used to run the family. Woman will be looking after the kitchen. Even going out and making purchases for the kitchen was done by the man. Of course he may inquire the needs at the kitchen or may not. If the purchase was done by the man without consulting the
    woman, she will not have the freedom to choose any curry other than preparing a curry using the purchased materials.
    Now the things have changed. In most of the cases both husband and wife are working and earning. Naturally the woman has the freedom to choose her items from the market and prepare the food items accordingly. Of course, the purchase will be based on a common taste. Since both are educated discussions take place in the house and the day to day activities will be based on a common decision. Under this set up the question who is the Master of the house has no relevance.
    In certain families there may have a dispute regarding the decisions taken. But it will be of temporary nature.


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    Well we cannot differentiate the importance between the wife and husband at the home as both go hand in hand in looking after the requirement of the same and hence cannot claim the superiority. In olden days there were joint families living in harmony where in the husbands will toil at the field or outside in job and wives will work inside the house and looking after all the requirements to make the home as paradise and thus the husband was called the master of the house by virtue of arranging all the things required for the well being of each and every family member. But now a days , both are working and both are earning members, Husband and wife compensate each other for every requirement and thus the daily chores would go with unhindered. And as long as both husband and wife contributes equally either with money or working physically, both are importance to the home.
    K Mohan
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