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    Make life convenient for the pedestrians

    When the Chennai to Bangalore Highway was thought of and made, little thought was paid to the safety of pedestrians. Cars and buses ply at speeds upwards of 100 kms per hour and the pedestrians who need to cross over to the other side, are put to tremendous difficulty. There are overbridges only in towns lime Vellore.

    The authorities woke up some years ago, and have built spaces for pedestrians to cross over in a couple of places in Vellore District.

    This apart, it is a horrible sight to see small children, with huge school bags, impatiently waiting with their anxious mothers to cross the road in so many places. There is hardly any police to regulate the traffic. Similarly, in places like the wonderful Pondy Bazaar, Chennai, which is a superb market for shopping, the encroachment of the vendors is so complete that walking on the pavements has become a nightmare of sorts. One has to learn from Bangalore, where many localities have good pavements earmarked for pedestrians.

    Will the various State Governments wake up and do something?
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    The road crossing in busy roads in many of the cities these days is very difficult. We have to wait for a lot of time to cross the roads. Zebra crossings are very less. Even in Hyderabad also in many places we have this problem. Mainly the bikes will come very fast in some way or other cause anxiety to the people crossing the roads. The rising population is one issue and the carefree attitude of the bike drivers is another problem. The number of vehicles is increasing and the traffic is becoming very high in many places. But the roads are not designed properly. The footpaths are being occupied by the small vendors, we don't find a place to walk on those footpaths. No police will question them and see that the footpaths are cleared. So day by day these shops on the footpath are increasing. All these puts together are creating a nightmare for the walking people. The traffic should be regularised and see that the footpaths are not occupied by the vendors. Then there may be some improvement.
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