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    Why not make Green covers compulsory?

    The Central Government is doing something right by planning the so-called smart cities, that are now being revamped. Yet, the green cover in so many places is no where near the desired levels. Bangalore and Mysore are paradises in this regard.

    Why not have a mandatory target for green cover in every city? The number of trees should exceed several lakh trees. Even neem trees are fine. But the trees need to be there. It is great that some deemed universities like VIT, Vellore and SRM in Chennai, have gardens that are so beautiful.

    Why not emulate such examples? Why not have green cover on a much larger scale and make it mandatory, for every smart city to have? Once done, we can concentrate on other cities. Tree planting should be in the blood of every single child. even before he or she is just five years old.
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    Yes I agree with the author that either too there was green cover in front of every main road property and only the entrance was left as passage and other areas are covered with green cover and trees. In Telangana too such green covers were there when we are going away from the city towards the districts. But that green covers were slowly taken away to pave way for make shift commercial business and thus green covers were shifted to the road meridians and that are posing problems for the road users during nights as the big tree branches can hit the lorries when they go near from the meridian. But as said by the author, those organisations which have good land as oxygen space in their hold , can develop landscape gardens with trees and also maintain a mini garden of flowers to make the mood of the visitors.
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    This is the most important problem to be considered at this time as the Global Warming is increasing rapidly and it is a sign of threat to the earth. Even I have seen news being telecast about the increase in the heat on the earth which is even melting the ice in the polar regions.

    It is never too late to take a step. We have to take step immediately to save out earth now. It is good to teach environmental science to children from the beginning of their education so that they will learn how to interact with the environment and use it wisely at the same time not to disturb it.

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    This is the main problem we are all facing these days. The green forests are getting converted to concrete jungles. Now the State Pollution Control Boards are insisting the industries develop green belt equivalent to the construction area of the plant. So many industries are doing that. So some improvement is observed. But it is not sufficient. If one tree is getting cut for any reason, they should plant a minimum of five trees. This concept has to get promoted. Otherwise, the number of trees will not come. Simple planting is also not sufficient, they should see that they will come up well.
    Not only in smart cities, everywhere in the existing cities and other towns also the plantation should be taken up in a big way and see that the plants will increase. Otherwise, the temperatures will go up like anything and the fertile lands will become deserted. A stitch in time saves nine. It is already late and no further delay is not wise.

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    Most of the Indian cities are not planned. Even then, the municipal corporations, while approving new housing societies, ensure green cover in front or in the backyard of the societies and provision for rainwater harvesting.

    Having said this, I must add that we must not put every responsibility on the shoulders of the Governments (Central/State/Local Bodies). We, the common people, also do something to create green patches in front of our housing societies/residential buildings.

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