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    More than relief the Kerala flood affected people want control over prices as everything sold costly

    Now that the relief and rehabilitation work in Kerala has been done with full swing and no complaints received so far , people are requesting the Kerala government to concentrate on controlling the skyrocketing prices of essentials to which they cannot afford. I am getting feeds that Onions are sold at 100 per kg and green chillies at 400 per kg. And there is shortage of milk and other essentials of routine requirement. There must be special task force from the weights and measures department to control the prices.
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    On the contrary, I learnt from newspapers and other reports that many shop-keepers are selling goods without keeping any profit margin, to help people and to clear stock. If it is true that some dishonest shopkeepers are selling goods at exorbitant prices, they must be arrested and punished. No mercy should be shown to such cruel-hearted people at this stage.
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    Both the above comments are true to some extent. There are shop owners who have volunteered to sell food items without taking any margin or minimising the margin. At the same time there are some who sell their products at a high price. This attitude is seen mainly among vegetable and fruit sellers. Yesterday people reacted against this and the shopman had to close down. Also the Authorities were informed about this problem. They came interfered and the prices were normalised.

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    This is the problem in our country, we want to make money without worrying about the condition of the people. The shortage also may be created by some vendors to increase the prices. The public should be vigilant and see that the prices are under control. The government should arrange for the essential commodities through fair price shops run by the government so that the public will get the essential items at normal prices. Otherwise, some selfish vendors may make merry by increasing the rates. In Vizag when this type of problem raised due to the cyclone three or four years back, the government supplied the essential items through these shops at lesser prices and all people are able to manage well. The government supplied for some time free also. The Kerala government should also do this so that common man will not suffer from the high rates.
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