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    Making protests against the corrupt

    We have our politicians indulging in all sorts of corrupt practices. As ordinary citizens, we are not able to do anything. The investigative press has become silent. It is mostly what we call "jalra" press. In other words, chamchagiri press.

    We should instead rely on people power to take to protests against the corrupt. If some seven thousand people join together and peacefully shout slogans, the corrupt will at least be checkmated to some extent.

    Recently, the Madras High Court has virtually allowed a probe into the huge disproportionate assets of a very well known corrupt person, Mr O Panneerselvam, the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

    This is the only case where justice has been done, at least after 21 hours. The worst symbol of corruption called Sasikala is now in Bangalore jail. Can we do something?

    This is just not enough. Huge protests from the pubic should follow. The protests should lead to seizure of all illegal assets, like in the Jayalalitha case.

    One does hear that that a male Sasikala, whose name is Jagan Mohan Reddy, in AP, is still active.
    Why can't we do something against such corrupt people?
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    The revolution in people has to come. It will definitely have some impact. But the real problem is the people also want some favours for them so they will encourage these corrupted people to do favours for them by giving them some bribes. The root cause for this corruption is the people. If the people are really selfless and they want everything to go as per the rules, nobody needs to give bribes to these people.
    If all the public comes to one understanding and protests against these corrupt people unitedly definitely the results will be encouraging. But the common public is busy in their day to day activities and they have to see that their family will be fine. In that pursuit, they can't share their time for these type of activities much. That is why no much reaction from the public. The people who are having charges of corruption should not be allowed to contest in the elections till the cases are cleared and they obtain a clean chit. Then only some improvement may happen in this issue.

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    We see more corrupt in this world specially in politics they are master in it.they know how to play in that particular area.from time to time how the days are passing and how the time are passing the corruption is increasing more.even those people are also involved whom we cannot expect.

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    The frustration is visible among a large section of people. In a democratic setup, the only option the citizens have to change the way the corrupts work is through vote. When they are disgusted by the functioning of a particular ruling party they vote them out. But, there are complaints about the election process also.

    In most of the cases the protest movements are organised by different unions or organizations under the umbrella of some political parties. They all have certain agendas and we do not see general people protest on a particular corrupt practice. I have seen a group of people blocking roads or a particular mode of transport for sometime during accidents or some intolerable local issues, but mass protest by public against the corrupt practices of a politician is hardly seen. I think people are getting too used to it and many a times themselves indulge in different corrupt activities.

    In many government offices, people pay bribes to get the job done and if asked they will say this is the way how things are done. It is understandable that things are getting out of bounds but it is hard to unite people unless the people themselves denounce their own corrupt practices.


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    One thing has becoming increasingly clear in the recent past that who ever indulge in mass corruption, there are ways and means to check the appropriating attitude of the persons thus indulged and they are cornered sooner or later either through opposition parties hosting cases or the law is catching up the culprit suo motto. And those who are politicians, they are giving the affidavit to the EC while contesting elections as regards to their bank balance and assents and that statement can be taken as base document as to how each and every politician amassed the wealth in illegal way. And there is a chance to the public to earn when they give the information of illegal earnings of any person and if that information is passed to the Central Vigilance commission, some percentage is given as prize. So citizens can be vigil and be a part to root out corruption.
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    Large scale public outcry and protest are very effective and we must cooperate in such initiatives so that the corrupt can be booked.

    Public has a great power and if it can be channelised it can do miracles.

    Mahatma Gandhi knew this thing very well and used the technique of mass movement against Britishers who eventually were ousted from our country.

    Knowledge is power.

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