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    Why not encourage Good Government school teachers?

    A few months ago, a report in a Tamil magazine was shocking to say the least. A Govt school in a remote village had the headmistress who donated her own money to buy computers and also appealed for the local community to help. She made significant progress, as the school had fresh enrollment, based only on her efforts. She also encouraged the children to do organic farming within the school and used the vegetables for the midday meal, which is sponsored by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

    We should try to encourage such teachers. If there is a big industry nearby, we can request the trained English personnel to handle classes. We can also chip in with whatever resources we can give to these schools. As such, there is no bar on any private donation to such schools. In fact, we would have done the best possible social work, if we support such initiatives.

    Members, who know such success stories may please report them here.
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    There are really good teachers in government schools who take the personal interest and try for the betterment of the school and the students. As mentioned by the author the local industries can be contacted and help from them can be taken. Around our factory, we have around 6 villages and all the villages are having school. From our industry side, we will give them the salary of a teacher in each school. Similarly, we conduct a free medical check-up camp in all the schools once a year. Along with that scholarships for the merit students will also be given by our organisation in these schools. Almost Rs.5 lakh are being spent on this activity.
    Like this, every organisation will definitely come forward for spending money for a good cause. Only thing is the concerned school authorities should go and approach them and see that their work will be done positively. The village elders help can be taken if required for getting the help from the local industries.

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    In today's world everybody wants a government job. No one wants to work in private jobs due to insecurity of jobs they want a government. Because government gives full security. But getting a government job is not so easy. It's a very challenging task. So yes we should encourage our government teachers and officers for their encouragement and betterment.

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    The quality of Government school teachers is definitely better than the private school teachers simply because they come through a very rigorous selection process. But here the issue is different. The teacher who donated her salary and maybe her other savings for the benefit of the society and students. The efforts of such noble people must be acknowledged.
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    This is the rarest of the rare circumstances which we got evident of by chance. I am saying so because any such occurrences in our society doesn't carried away with the attractions as is found in the political arena or to the level of a celebrity & therefore these soon go missing in the darkness. But if we continue to write & share such incidences in various platforms then we all going to make some positive changes to this factors. The person & place has been kept anonymous by the author but still thumbs-up to all such individuals who continue to perform & keep up with their efforts to make this society a better place for living.

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    Nice thought provoking teacher and with her acts all other government teachers learn a lesson, as normally we see government teachers are not working with dedication and in some schools I have seen that the class monitor would takes the class and the teacher would be doing her personal work. And the head master is absent for no reasons. That is the reason being so the confidence of people on the government schools has gone. But the way the author has given the information of a forward looking teachers who spent for computers and also for vegetation inside the school compound has to be really appreciated and awarded. Even though the Telangana government is giving super fine rice mid day meal with eggs and good curries, the local students are just attending before the meals and not the classes.
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    Teachers are the backbone of our educational system. If teachers are good the students will be highly benefited.

    It is imperative that good teachers should be awarded and appreciated so that they are motivated to remain dedicated to their work of enlightening the students.

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