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    Innovative Skills Should be Introduced in Learning Methods

    School Education is moving in the direction of self-reliant methods of teaching. It is providing a great sense of responsibility towards improving the infrastructure in schools so that students get all the benefits of learning conceptually. This requires a huge amount of effort in upgrading them with the help of technology. Computers are gaining an upper hand in helping teachers to teach with more accurate information on the subjects and topics apart from the routine syllabus. This results in a great learning experience for students and helps them to understand their subjects appropriately and effectively.

    Including an Innovative methodology in teaching with the help of technology will definitely help schools to cater their students need for learning and making them analytically strong enough to face their life's challenges efficiently.
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    Skill development programmes during the education are very important. The present-day education is not able to give the required output for the local industries as the skill development is not given importance. Even though some issues are addressed in this direction and project works are also assigned by the Universities, the colleges are somehow managing the works and giving marks to the students and making them pass the examination. Once we see their biodata, it will be mentioned that we have done this project work. But when we ask them for some information during the interview generally. many students say that they have not done that and they have managed the project work from their earlier batches records. The whole problem lies there only. The teachers and institutions should give more importance in innovative skill development to the students so that they can survive in this competitive world.
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    Thanks for the response, Sir!

    Yes, there are drawbacks as well as advantages too in every field of life, but we really need to integrate the system with the innovative methodology in educating the students and help in to improve the scenario accordingly.

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