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  • Category: New Year Resolutions

    Children's are like blossoms

    Children's are very special for everyone.they are like blossom of flowers. We have to taken care of them very nicely.childrens are very adorable no one can live without love them they are very attractive and lovable. They know how to attract to anyone. Children's are the gifts of god which is given by god.
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    Yes children are innocent and they are adorable to everyone with their looks and ever smiling face. In Tamil there is a song that goes like this " Kuzhandayum Deivamum Gunadhaal ondru", that means Children and God are the same by quality of their characters. That means there is no politics in their looks nor their behavior. When we have so much tension and sad moments, on seeing the face of the children and their smiling attitude , we tend to forget everything and cajole them and give lots of love. One thing is sure, where there are children in the house, that home would be colorful and enjoyable.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Children will bring happiness to the home. This fact I am feeling from the last 9 months. As soon as I come back from office, my granddaughter comes to me and starts playing with me. I will be completely getting relaxed with this. I think everybody will feel the same way. There will be purity in their laugh and we enjoy their deeds very much. They will not have any unnecessary thoughts in their minds.
    A child in the house will change the atmosphere completely. They will bring elders together. The elders will also forget all their difficulties by seeing these children and their acts. Really children will bring light in the darkness. Bring smiles in the serious situations also. When you are not happy and have some problems if you start playing with them you will forget everything and you will feel relaxed.

    always confident

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    Children are like little angels in our life. Their presence makes the atmosphere filled with love and affection.

    Nature has given the power of replication to the animals including humans and when we see our offsprings born it gives a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Children are always special, they are so innocent, truly like a flower. Whatever may be the mood of an adult, when a child smiles it changes the environment. Children learn from the adults and they imbibe everything they gather from their parents. The parents must be careful while nurturing a child and their concentration should be on the child till a certain period. The love and care during childhood helps the child to understand the world in a better way and the more affection they get in the family the more chances are there for the children to become socially interactive.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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