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    Do you believe your holy books logically or accept it as it is?

    For any of us our religion is the most important thing which brings us peace & pleasure during the times we are in pain or sufferings. This is something which has been brought to us from our ancestors from the time unknown & is being carried forwarded by us to our next generation & will continue to be to the indefinite times or perhaps till the time this planet is having with the life. But during the course of our life so far, have we ever have wondered of the things that something in context to our religion being taught to us may not be the right completely or we have been taking the things in a sense which is different from the original perspective.

    I don't know about whether the readers are taking this on a positive note or would better like to ignore but I do feel that this is something which is the very basis or the essence of the type of life which we are living.

    It would be interesting if other denies of this & go ahead with his or her own ideas. I am waiting.
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    Religion is a concept and a philosophy which was invented by some of our ancestors to provide a support and shelter to the mankind when they are in trouble or want to avoid trouble in their future lives. The concept was well marketed and people liked the idea.

    Subsequently it was so much accepted and practiced by the societies that it became a tradition and formed a rigid framework and those who were not following were categorised as the brothers of devil.

    There is no logical or rational explanation for this belief but as some people feel that it gives calmness and solace, it becomes an entirely personal matter to follow it or not.

    Whether it may have some merit or not, being religious helps in having disciplined life and due to that religious people have a concentration and focus in their life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    First of all holy books are not written by us and we have no right to comment or showing disregard to them. Holy books are God sent and the views and information spread over it have deeper meaning for the mankind. The Ten avatars of Maha Vishnu has the reason and many does not know. Through Ramayana and Mahabharatha and the Geetha sermon given by Lord Krishna to Arjun we come to know all the incarnation of the God in those ten avatars. And the Holy books teaches and preaches us the reality of life lessons like not to be greedy, not to be selfish and not to be over confidence.
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    The books which are telling us the dharma and culture should always be taken as it is, That is what I believe. We should try to take some logic out of it. What is the logic in our life? The events that are happening in our life can't be explained with logic. We should not think about the authenticity of the books. If we are not able to understand them, it is lack of understanding only, I think.
    What we read in these books are being realised these days by Scientists and we believe them because we are seeing them with our own eyes. I feel all these inventions are already there in one or the other holy books and we are not able to understand the issues discussed there due to our limited knowledge. This is how I take.

    always confident

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    The perspectives shown by holy books may differ person to person as per the advantage one wants from them. Now a days we see people who don't accept the holy books ideology as it is or even don't try to percolate the ideology inside them. But they will definitely go behind the crowd made by their own ideology on those holy books. That's why now a days it's easy to follow someone's ideas even we always looking for a motivational speaker or man who can drive our lives. But at the same time we don't try to elaborate the idea inside the books lying infront of us. Just because we don't trust ourselves.

    As per Swami Vivekananda don't believe anything untill you practice or prove it for yourselves. The ideas written in holy books may remain same in each era but the acceptor of these ideas should test them as per their ability but on their own. So drive your logic on the holybooks by your own logic rather than driven by someone. Don't accept as it is.

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