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    Why can't we have more of meaningful films in local languages?

    The South Indian films in Tamil and Telugu, are so unrealistic. Some ten years or so, a classic like Sankarabharam, in Telugu and Kaakka Muttai in Tamil are indeed made.

    However, all this is very far and few between. Most movies are absolute trash with the hero bashing up one hundred bad guys in one go. The leading ladies look like morons who just dance around trees. There is hardly any story, except that the good wins over the evil. These masala movies do more harm to the already spoiled societies.

    Can we reverse this trend? Why not bring more realism into our movies? One does not know much about Hindi, as these films get released mostly in Chennai only. Why can't we have films that will stir up people? For example, if a film is made about corrupt politicians and the business class, that leads to disasters like the Tuticorin tragedy, there will be more awareness.

    Are such realistic films possible at all? There are some good Malayalam movies that talk about realism, though.
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    I do agree that there is dearth for good movies in all the languages in general and South cinemas in particular. The so called super stars or the actors are harping on big budget films with rich graphics, heavy fighting, lots of masalas to the front seat audience and thus they lost the grip over providing good story line and family viewing movies. But recently some low budget films have created sensation at the box office and earned good money. The Vijay Devarkonda starer Geetha Govindam was the simple film made with great impact and even Mega star Chiranjeevi appreciated the film. So good films do come now and then.
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    It is true. Many movies are unrealistic and hero oriented. Sometimes we feel bored to see such films. The movies will be going around the hero only and the heroine is just to provide glamour only. Another worst thing is 60 years male is paired with 20 years girl which appears very awkward. We should not encourage such films. K.Visvanath, a very famous director made very good films and they are all masterpieces. Sankharabharanam mentioned by the author is the film made by him only. Bahubali 1 and 2 are also good movies.
    Recently there is a little change in the trend. New, people are coming and their acting skills are good and being appreciated by the people. Yesterday I have watched the movie Geethagovidam. A different picture altogether and the female lead role is more important in this movie and I liked the movie. So some films like these films are coming these days. A good and desirable change.

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    In my opinion, more meaningful films are made in regional languages only. The Hindi or Tamil mainstream films are unrealistic, hero-centric and of poor quality. But some regional films are excellent and these films get recognition from the international arena. But these Bengali, Assamese, Malayalam and Marathi films don't get a global market. So, very few people know about these films.
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    The audience goes to the theatre to watch a movie for entertainment. Yes, the plots of most movies are unrealistic, but that is what the audience wants. In the three hours that people are in the theatre, they want to forget their troubles and worries.

    I do not think people would pay to see movies that are an extension of the real world. Mainstream cinema is more like fairy-tales, it revolves around a make-believe fantasy world.

    Realistic art movies do not draw as much crowd. They have a very select, limited audience. They do well in film festivals where a niche audience appreciates them.

    Movies are a means of entertainment their purpose is not to bring in social reforms or stir up people or spread awareness. People do get influenced by what they watch, but the sole purpose of movies cannot be to inspire people.

    Coming to your questions "Why can't we…?" Movie makers are in the business for profit.

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