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    Are you still using the old SBI Magstripe Debit Card? It's time to apply for the EMV Chip Debit Card

    If you are using an old SBI debit card and not applied for the EMV Chip Debit Card yet, please do it as early as possible because as per the official guideline the process has to be completed by 31st December, 2018. This replacement is absolutely free of cost and can be applied through online also. Many of you might be using the old Magstripe Debit Cards which are still active now, but will be blocked by the end of this year. This news is doing the rounds for a while and there is a confusion among many regarding the process or type of cards for which this replacement has to be done.

    In a tweet (@TheOfficialSBI) on 10th August, 2018, SBI announced it again and requested all to do it within 31.12.2018. Time to time some important notifications are circulated that we often forget to look into. So, this is a gentle reminder to the members those who have not applied for the new EMV Chip Debit Card and currently using their old Magstripe Debit Card. Some might have already requested the bank authorities to block their cards for some reason, the same thing is applicable to them also because the old type cards which are blocked from 28th Feb, 2017 onwards, will never be unblocked again and will remain permanently blocked. So, kindly adhere to the guidelines issued by the bank and do it immediately to avoid the rush.
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    I use three debit cards. Out of these three cards, two are old debit cards and the latest one is EMV chip debit card.

    I thank the author for this update. So, now I have to change the old cards ASAP.

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    Is it not the duty of SBI to replace the old card issued by them by new chip cards before 31.12.2018? Why should we apply for it or go to bank to get it?
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    The banks send the new credit cards when the existing one approaches the date of expiry. Why not the same regarding the debit cards? It is their duty to send them to the customers. If we have to change them, we have to be without any card for nearly two weeks as the present one is to be surrendered.
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    I don't have an account with SBI and so I don't have SBI debit card. I don't have SBI credit card also. I use HDFC Debit card and Credit Card. I use the Stanchart bank credit card.
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