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    When you become familiar to the stranger's eye!

    The other day I was sitting inside a railway station and looking around the things nearby. Suddenly, a frail man, not very old, came to me and asked me how my poultry business is going and how is Dilip, my associate? I smiled at him and understood that it's a case of mistaken identity because neither I was associated in any poultry business nor I know anybody named Dilip, but I said it's going well and Dilip is at home. He also told me that I remained same even after so many years, since according to him he met me after 7 years, and wished me a good luck.

    Occasionally these things do happen with all of us. Some of us ignore, some politely say the truth and some enjoy the situation. It's always enjoyable to see the other's reaction to such things. When this unknown person was talking to me I noticed the gleam on his face and he was certainly very happy to meet me. At times it becomes interesting to talk to a stranger on a phone line too. Few months ago, a person called me and started to tell me how long he has not seen me. I tried many a times to convince him that I am not the one he is looking for, but he never listened to me. I understood from the conversation that he had an argument with his nephew long ago and after that the nephew stopped talking to his uncle. He thought that I am his nephew and still holding the grudge against him, so I am refusing to talk to him by playing the trick of not knowing him. After disconnecting the phone I laughed at the whole thing for quite sometime. Strange things do happen.
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    Some times the mistaken identity would bring lots of great moments in our life and we simply enjoy them. Some years back, I went to airport with my one of the Muslim friend to give send off to his son going to Dubai. There after giving send off, one women rushed toward my friend and started inquiring about his well being and why he is discarding her often for no reason. That shook us both. She is not all listening to my friends plea that he is not the person whom she is targeting. But she wont stop. Keep on saying her troublesome life, how she is coping up with children without male support and all. Then I had to interfere strongly and pacify her that she was targeting a person with mistaken identity and with great convincing she left the place and while going , she was simply seeing with a hope of return to my friends life. That was really challenging day for us. Even I doubted my friend who denied knowing any such face.
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    A very interesting thread that we can provide solace to a person who is talking to us due to mistaken identity.

    Now a days there are some crooks and cheats who will also pose to know you and talk and then at an opportune moment will disappear from the scene along with your bag or purse.

    So we should be careful in such cases from these burglers who are not known to us and are not a case of mistaken identity but mischievous identity.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Incidents like the ones described by the author happen occasionally. Sometimes it may be a genuine mistake. The other possibilities are for the purpose of cheating and maybe for fun also. Personally, in the case of mistaken identity, I prefer to point out the mistaken identity and end it there. One should be careful as the other person may be trying to cheat. Some people may try to do this sort of act for fun only.
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    One of my relatives was travelling on a bus and another lady sat in her side seat on the bus. That lady started talking to my relative and she told her that she knows many of my relative's relatives and started observing. My relative believed whatever she said. The bus was stopped at a bus station. My relation had gone to the washroom with a request to the other lady to take care of her luggage. She came back but failed to see the other lady on the bus. Her luggage was intact. She enquired about that lady and the conductor told she got down as that is her place of destination. After some time my relative remembered that she kept her purse in the luggage. Immediately she opened the bag and taken out the purse and found that the money kept in that purse is missing. This is how some people will deceive the others acting like good people and known people. We should be careful and never leave any valuable items with them during the journeys.
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    You and your tale are interesting. It is always fun to diverge from the cliche'. From your tale both parties enjoyed a lie. I'm left to think what if that frail stranger was playing with you instead and your unexpected reaction just enhanced his amazing prank. That would add a new dimension to this story.
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