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    Aamir khan, the greatest star and actor of modern India

    India, the cinema frenzy nation has seen many actors right from the inception of cinema. Actors who have swayed us with their charisma on the silver screen, actors who have enjoyed an envious mass hysteria, actors who have followed a calculated scale of method acting to deliver meticulous performances, actors who have succumbed to the pressures of being a star and confined themselves in the walls of commercial movies. Is there any actor in modern India who can deliver a great performance, a great movie and still be the king of the box-office. Rightly, hailed as the biggest movie star of the world, due to his popularity in two of the most populous countries of the world, i.e. India and China. Aamir khan brings to the table the unique and probably the greatest actor of modern India. Not to forget the fact that he is probably the biggest star of India taking into account his box office potential. A rare combination. His movies move us, his performances make us to pause and applaud, his box office collections can be broken only by his next movie. That is Aamir khan for you, the greatest actor and the biggest movie star of modern India. Any doubts?
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    Sabahat warm welcome to this educational site as a member and great to read and respond to your first thread here. There is no doubt that the Hindi film Industry has produced some great stars in the past and still continuing to highlight good stars even now. The three Khans namely Sharukh, Aamir, and Salman were virtually ruling the Industry with their own production as they have their huge fan following. For every person each actor is a like or dislike and there cannot be equal likes to a same actor. That is why all the actors are getting patronage and surging ahead. You may be a fan of Aamir Khan which forced you to write this forum dedicating to him, and that may not be same liking for others. One thing is sure , as long as the actors tow the line of good acting and giving a strong message through their characters portrayed in the films, there is no dearth for their popularity and fame.
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    I think this is your own opinion. Aamir Khan acts only in such films where many people (director, co-actors, music director, editors, cameraman, script-writer and other people) work continuously to enlarge his role. I have never seen Aamir Khan (or any other Khans) in character roles. Acting in character roles can tell whether the actor is great, or not.

    However, I must admit that Aamir Khan is a very popular actor in India.

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    There is no doubt that Amir Khan is one of the top notch actors in the industry and has made a distinct place for himself.

    Each successful actor is known by his own style and mannerism and then they have their fans accordingly.

    Amir Khan is very successful in projecting his humanitarian and truthful image in the minds of audience and the public and that is one reason why he is being considered having such glory.

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    Amir Khan is one of the best actors in Hindi film industry. Many of his films are hits and made good money. He has his own style of acting and he will always appear in roles where all other characters are round around his character. Not only himself but many other heroes will be preferring such roles only.
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