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    Fear of stage performing

    Many people talk nicely and are good in any discussion and put up their point of view clearly and precisely. Some of these people when asked to present their views on a subject or give a speech on some matter, shy away and avoid the stage performance.

    Has it ever happened with you? Do yo feel shy in public speaking or stage performing?
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    This is a natural thing in many people that they shy away from public speaking or in fact shy away from addressing a crowd. This is a type of inhibition and with some practice and courage it can be overcome.

    During childhood, this a very common trait and as one gets older this is slowly overcome and one starts giving stage performance easily.

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    I am a very stage-shy person. I feel very afraid and ashamed of to speak in front of others. I feel very worried on the last working day of the month when the employees retire from our office and as the incharge of Administration division I have to talk about them in front of others.

    I have been suffering from the stage-fear since my childhood. I think this will remain with me throughout my life.

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    Initially, when we start speaking in big gatherings and other meetings we may have some hesitation to speak and shy away from speaking thinking that we may be fooled. But when we were forced to deliver we will do the job nicely. Once or twice you perform, then you will not have any further problem next time. This is only an initial problem.
    When I was to present a case study in an international seminar in Japan as an invitee, I had many fears in my mind. So I made a lot of efforts in making a presentation and then I made some trials with my colleagues and I thought I can do well. On the day of the presentation, I made the presentation very nice and I was able to answer all the questions that were posed by many experts in the line. Overall I was satisfied. After coming back the Organisers of the seminar sent a mail to my boss appreciating my presentation and they complimented my boss for deputing a right candidate for the seminar.
    Finally what I want to say is practice makes a person perfect.

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    Many people suffer from this problem and this is because of an unknown fear that works behind. When a child behaves in this manner, she/he must be motivated to participate in different competition to overcome this unknown fear otherwise this will gradually increase along with the age. But adults also can overcome this fear by participating in group activities.

    I am an introvert person and generally speaks little unless it is required. I also faced the same problem of shyness while expressing myself in front of public, but gradually I managed the situation because of my attachment to various working environment and my association with the housing committee in the complex where we stay. This shyness is nothing but a fear that gradually disappears by practice.


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    So far the public speaking is concern I don't have any type of hesitation or fear of for whatsoever reason except that we need to look out for the appropriate timing & thereafter going ahead. But I do admit that I still afraid of stage performing because I am not much used to it.

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    Giving free advise to some one is different and talking to many from the stage is different. Because while giving advise to one or two persons, even we err, they wont mind and forget. But when we are asked to talk on the stage, we must be prepared to do so with authentic information and much to the satisfaction of guests and audience. May be for this reason many would shy away from talking on the stage. However this fear complex can be removed, if one practices the speech or the oratory skill before the mirror and ask others to listen. This way a confidence building measure can be created within to remove the stage fear. And while starting the speech , please request the audience to encourage you for good inputs in the middle and also clap for the good things being told. That would increase the confidence level surely.
    K Mohan
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    Stage fear is a natural thing. In fact, those people whom you think can speak on stage without any problems do also face it sometimes. But yes, some people face it more than others because of their shy personality.

    If you want to overcome this then the only way is to face it. Yes, face the stage. I know its difficult but believe me with time your fear will go away. It's my personal experience. But if you don't want to speak in public then it also ok. You don't need to. You can use forums like ISC to express your thoughts. In my opinion stage is not the only medium to express yourself.

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    Yes you are right Mr Neeru Bhatt many of us have stage fear we afraid to speak and we are so nervous about how to speak at the stage we just thinking about that event only.

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