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  • Category: Miscellaneous

    Request : Please do not play prank with rescue team warriors.

    The way the rescue operations have been done by the rescue warriors of various forces has really enhanced their prestige in the eyes of sufferers and there are so many thanks giving messages pouring in for saving many lives. But one seventeen year old boy, made a distress call to the rescue team and when they arrived at the spot, he took selfie with them and asked to go. Really this a stupid act from the boy which disturbed the serious on going rescue operations and wasted the valuable time of forces. Please do not indulge in such acts.
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    A similar thread of the same issue of selfie was posted by another author. Another thread by Partha was raised on the same subject and many responses came there. As per the timings, this is the first thread and the other was raised later. So the concerned Editors may do the needful.
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    At this hour of crisis, this type of prank is really irritating and I think that person who indulged in this should have been included in the rescue team as a punitive measure. All the rescue operation teams are doing their best to help people everywhere in Kerala and that boy should be made to understand about this. I think the boy is suffering from psychological disturbances and did this to draw some attention, even if that boy is a selfie maniac then also it indicates the same.

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    In few of the occasions we are helpless to understand the things being taking place around us & so find it good to ignore. But such occurrences during the most critical of the operations like rescue & evacuations & being happening even to the army personnel is absolutely unexpected. Hoping that no more incidences will surface afterwards & the people will continue to provide their helping hand to the victims of the flood & improve the things.

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