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    Do we really need to spend on Golden sweet worth 9000 per kg for this Rakhshabandan ?

    I just came across a news item where in a sweet shop in Gujarat has hit upon a idea of making gold coated sweets of many varieties and priced the same at 9000 per kg for the ensuing Rakshabandan festival. No doubt without the sweet this festival is damp squib but do you really love to spend rupees 9000 per kg for a a gold coated sweets to please the brother to get a hefty gift in return. I am at loss to understand this rich culture. What is your take on this, please respond whether you support or oppose. ?
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    Those who are interested and can afford to spend money will do it. It is up to each individual to do what he likes. I do not find any reason for others to bother about it except for reasons of curiosity. Tastes differ from person to person.
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    Gujarat is a business state. There are many Gujarat sisters who can afford to buy the sweet and present it to their brothers. I think, there is nothing wrong in making such gold coated sweets and selling it. In any case, money circulates. Sweet vanishes, but the cash remains in someone's hand. Why should you and I sitting in Hyderabad and Tirunelvely worry when we cannot afford to buy the gold coated sweet?

    @ Do you know that eating gold in any form keeps a person healthy and colourful like gold.

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    Gold is good for health. In many Ayurvedic medicines, gold will be added and such medicines will cost more than normal medicines. I know some Ayurvedic companies who purify it and add it to some medicines.
    There will not be any harmful effects of eating these gold coated sweets. The only question is the high cost. In Rajasthan, there are many business people who are very rich and can afford such sweets. The more the money you spend, the more the affection you have towards your sisters and brothers. is the concept in such a rich community. So those people may purchase these sweets and consume them on the occasion of this festival.
    Many people can't purchase. They need not worry. It is the individual's interest and capability that counts. The vendor has made a concept to attract the rich on the occasion of this festival and definitely, some rich people will go for it and from next year onwards many such vendors will come into the market and the same may be available in other cities also. Nothing to wonder.

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    We got a single life with no idea of when this is going to end-up & so choose the things which you are capable of & go ahead & enjoy to the maximum possible. There is no harm in it because in the mean time we too are using the resources which for others may not be possible to have those in this life.

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    A craze has no limit and manifests itself in different ways. What I feel, when you are giving something as a gift to someone, the receiver receives it as a token of appreciation and acknowledges it with thanks. There are many people who think that money is the only way to win someone's heart and they always buy expensive gifts to present someone.

    There are also people for whom the item presented as a gift doesn't matter, it's the warmth with which it is presented matters to them. The Gujarati people are mostly businessmen and they can afford to spend that money to purchase gifts. In Indian tradition gold is very auspicious and if there is a touch of gold to anything, people rushes in to purchase them according to their capabilities. The sweet shop in Gujarat chose the Rakshabandhan as the ideal occasion to promote this new business model which will find many takers in that state. So, as long as somebody can afford it, there is no problem however crazy it may sound to others.


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    If an useless/worthless Pizza can cost thousands, why not a gold coated sweet cost Rs.9000/-. To a poor, an ice cream pack worth few hundreds would look great. For the middle class, some pizza worth few thousands would be great. For the rich and extra rich, gold coated food stuffs costing many thousands would be great.
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    I think this is a novel way of publicity. I also think that some people have a tremendous amount of money to spare. Finally, I think that this project must be shelved and the money should be sent for the benefit of flood-stricken people of Kerala and Karnataka.
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    No Partha,
    Each and every state will have its share to suffer in distress. So, we cannot shelve any project, but continue to enjoy. The life will go on in this good earth with earthquakes, floods, drought, Tsunami etc. Do help others and enjoy yourself.

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    Whatever we say and preach, people who have the capability will spend lavishly during festivals. This is the truth. Even then, if 10% of the expenditure during the festivals can be curtailed and that amount given to the people who have suffered during natural calamities, would be a great job. People celebrating Eid-ul-adha tomorrow and celebrating Raksha Bandhan on coming Sunday should try to spend 10% less and donate that 10% for the unfortunate people of Kerala and Kodagu (Karnataka).
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