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    Let us replicate and encourage this

    A small little girl, aged just eight years, donates her entire piggyback savings of Rs.9000/-, all saved through the five rupees that her parents would give her off and on, Over the years, this amount grew to Rs.9000/-. When she heard about the Kerala horror, this little girl, from Villupuram, a small district headquarters town some one sixty kilometers from Chennai, decided that she will donate the entire savings.

    Her father immediately agreed. The cheque for Rs. 9000 went straight to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. This report has appeared in THE HINDU dated the 20th of Aug 2018.

    What a nice gesture!! We should also encourage our small children to save money in piggy banks and donate the same for worthy causes. This should become a big norm all over the country.

    Noble deeds always need to be encouraged. This is the ultimate in human affection and care.
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    The little girl mentioned by the author was saving to purchase a bicycle. When her noble gesture was tweeted, it caught the eye of Mr. Munjal, Chairman of Hero Cycles. This is what he tweeted. "Anupriya, "pranam to you. You are a noble soul and wish you spread the good around. Hero is too pleased to give you one bike every year of your life. Pl share your contact on my account. Love you and best wishes. Prayers for Kerala," The Sales Manager got in touch with her parents asked them to come to their showroom with the girl and select a bicycle. The girl selected a bicycle of her choice which was presented to her by the Hero Cycles.
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    Great is the act of the small little girl, and great is the act shown by the Hero cycle company ! We should always teach and encourage our children to be helpful to others. Surely, this news will spread, and many children will be encouraged to save in piggy banks to help the needy.
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    A very good act by a small girl. This habit of saving by children will bring in a discipline of saving in their lives. Andhra Bank Kiddybank accounts for children are good for the children. But giving the money saved for such a good cause should be really appreciated. We all should also teach our children about savings and use that money for a noble cause.
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    We must appreciate and also LEARN from this noble gesture of the little girl. The girl and many other young children are the great future of this great land.
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    We all should encourage this little girl for her gesture and follow it ourselves in every sphere of life. Children of her age are mostly busy with their own things and do not care much about the surroundings, but at the same time children are very sensitive too. Their feelings for others are at times more empathetic than that of adults because of their innocence. The moving images of the flood victims in different medias and of course the talk of the devastation from the parents made her sensitive about the issue and she decided to donate her savings for a noble cause. My salute to the little girl.

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    I don't find any words here except that the nature has always got something for us which brings us some smile & which is not fake. May God bless.

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