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    What a superb way to thank the Armed forces

    Kerala is not called God's Own country for nothing. One has to understand its people far better, and appreciate all that is so good in them. They always welcome anyone with open hands. They are very neat people. Their literacy rate of almost one hundred per cent in every district helps. Their population is always coming down. Government schools are being merged as there are more teachers than children!!

    Be all that as it may, it just speaks of their endurance. You tube videos show many images of THANK YOU written in bold letters to thank the Armed forces that worked round the clock and saved hundreds of lives, through helicopters. That 30,000 volunteers are still helping the Armed forces is no joke. Just imagine the cumulative effect in terms of affection and human values.

    Let us salute the great people of Kerala. God should bring back this paradise on earth back to normalcy as quick as possible.
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    The people are always grateful to the armed forces personnel who help them during the crisis and natural calamities. The culprits are the anti-national leaders. I am waiting for statements from Kodiyeri Balakrishnan (whose infamous comments about the armed forces personnel are remembered but should not be repeated here) and similar other so-called leaders.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    In God's own country, God Himself could not help His people. But it is the Armed Forces which always helps to save our country from external forces, Now they have helped to save the country from the natural calamity and inside forces. There are many who don't respect the armed forces. I think many Ex-servicemen also might have joined the rescue team. Indeed, Armed force is the need during any crisis. They work relentlessly without expecting any reward or award. We should always salute our men in uniform and help their families who live without them.
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    Yes, I also saw that note of big "THANKS" in one of the terrace in the Kerala. This was in response to express their gratitude for Naval Commander Vijay Varma who had rescued two women from the area on 17.08.2018. And so as a happy ending, the woman was flown to the Navy's Sanjivani Hospital where she gave birth to a son.

    It was a challenging task but well executed.

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    A common man always respects the persons from armed forces. He will definitely have a regard for those people and there is no second opinion about that. This aspect was proved many times beyond doubt. The Keralites are also doing the same thing now. They are happy with the help rendered by these armed forces and hence expressing their happiness and thanking them.
    But I never heard any leader or politician praising these people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country and for the citizens of the country. That is the worst part of it. They will say this government has done well or that government has not done well and make politics and try to gain out of such situations also.
    It is great that so many people are helping the armed forces in saving the people and we should thank these volunteers also for their brave act.

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