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    Shouldn't such selfie-maniac be punished?

    There is a shortage of helicopters. The Air Force, Navy and Army helicopters are flying round the clock to save flood-ravaged people. Every second, every minute and every sortie of the helicopters is important. However, the people who want to click selfie are doing their job even in this trying time.

    A man was standing on the terrace of a building. He summoned an Air Force helicopter by waving his red shirt. When the helicopter landed with considerable difficulty, he clicked a selfie with the helicopter and with the officer who was flying the helicopter and then asked to go away. The pilot narrated the incident later.

    I don't understand how can people behave in this manner. Shouldn't such selfie-maniac be punished?
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    This world is made up of many types of weird people. He is one such person. We have to live with all sorts of people around us.
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    During the distress, many suffer and worry about their life, and there are some mads who don't worry but enjoy taking selfie and watching videos during such distress periods. Surely, the guy who had the guts to get a helo to take selfie should be identified and punished. The punishment should be - He should be airlifted and airdropped into the deep sea.
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    He may be feeling isolated and distressed. When we are under tremendous pressure we may do some acts which appear to others very silly and foolish. But we can't think like that because of the strain we are exercising at that particular moment. So he relaxed by calling the helicopter and having a selfie with the officer and the helicopter. It might have given some relaxation from his worries. But for the people seeing it from outside it will definitely appear silly and will get irritation. If it is not intentional and it is done because of his mental state we can ignore him. But for fun, if he has done it he should be punished. We don't know why he behaved like that.
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    Perhaps we don't have the laws in order to control these types of actions. In addition, we are surrounded by such irritating personalities that its better to ignore them & who knows that in future they may be facing the difficulties but no rescuing at all. This reminded me of a famous story that once there was a boy who often cried for fake occurrences of that the lion has come but when the villagers came around then the boy made a fun of them. And then one day the lion came in reality & the boy continued with his crying in the loudest possible voice but this time the villagers didn't believed the boy expecting that again the boy would make fun of them & so the actions of the boy got ignored. As a result the lion came & eat him.

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    It is ridiculous to waste the time of men who are on a noble mission. Not just army but some common men are also on their toe to accomplish this mission of humanity in Kerala. Some people are also disturbing the noble cause of 108 project. 108 Ambulance service is the life saving service in healthcare but we meet such idiotic minds on the path, sometimes we lost the hope on humanity on this major noble cause.

    I can't say whether selfie maniac should be punished or not but I must definitely say that this type of destructive mindset isn't considered serious in this condition.

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