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    China is going ahead for establishing a professional and financial base in Pakistan.

    China has strategic relations with Pakistan. They are having poltical friendship with each other.

    Recently, I read in newspaper that China has a treaty with Pakistan under which China is going to establish a Chinese base near the port city of Gwadar in Pakistan. This will be a gated area and will house around 5 lakh Chinese professionals related to business and finance. China will use this base for enlarging it's trade activities in the world. Only Chinese people will be residing in that base.

    What are your views on this development in this part of the Asia?
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    A popular joke in Pakistan:-

    Chinese will manage and rule the Gwadar-Xinjiang Super Highway via Makran coast and Pakistanis would open dhabas along this route.

    This is the strategic relationship between these two countries.

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    I agree with Partha Sir.

    In addition, there is nothing as such which we call as "strategic relations with Pakistan" or "political friendship with each other". There is a simple concept here that Pakistan being lost of the options & identity before the world has approached the China for counterfeiting India & the China is well aware of this & so preparing & executing it's policies in its favor by extending its bases in Pakistan. China is not a moderate country like India & so the Pakistan in actual has opened its door to its own destruction but perhaps that the Pakistan is so jealous of our country that it has planned to go to any extent inviting China to their land. It's actual a good sign for us to be happy & so why to care much?

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    As many countries are having see saw relations with Pakistan, it is only China which stays as big boss guaranteeing life Pakistan, otherwise it would be in dire states. No problem China can establish finance and professional base near Pakistan border probably to invite Indian wrath, India has already banned sale of Chinese goods and services and thus they want to at least sell their products through this arrangements. Sooner China would boss over Pakistan and that would earn the wrath of Pakistan public and they would shun the over presence of Chinese involvement in every aspect.
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    A common enemy for both the countries may be making them come together. China may be thinking it is a better option for them to expand their Origins this side of the Himalayas also, I think. Pakistan may be thinking that will get the advantage of China'a help when there is a need. But Pakistan is not able to understand the actual views of China. a day will come China will try to take over the governance of Pakistan also and they will rule this country also. Anyhow for us, it makes no difference as long as they are within their limits. I think inviting China is really a bad move by Pakistan. It will not help them but may lead to their downfall.
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