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    Customers in online shopping.

    Online shopping has picked up quite fast in recent times and soon it may become a threat to the corner grocery or novelty stores in residential areas.

    As per the analysis given in newspapers presently in India about 5 crore people are doing online shopping which seems to be very encouraging figure. At the same time there is another piece of information which says that during last one year about the same number that is 5 crore have left the online shopping due to various reasons.

    What does this data indicate? Whether online shopping is going to flourish or is at a stagnant phase? What is your opinion?
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    What the author says is a bit confusing here & so if the author could come up with the references so as to figure out of the facts on the basis of which the sources have come to the conclusion. For me the business through online shopping is increasing & the competition is huge because of the simple fact that even the food items are ordered through online shopping. There has been a lot of advantages wherein we don't required of much of the resources but the options & availability are numerous with the sites giving the customers of cash back or return / replacement policies. If you unable to find your commodity in your locality then simply go on opting with online shopping & you probably have that somewhere with competitive pricing & benefits.

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    You see life is a series of progressions & regressions. Whenever we try to find out a trend or a causal relationship, we always study for a very short duration and finally conclude. However, in reality everything either culminates into its own source or is always in flux.

    What you have presented here is a classical case of continuous flux.

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    Well on line shopping is quite interestingly gaining importance much to the annoy of virtual shops and malls which are seeking the personal attention of the citizens not to move towards online shopping. Not all the products can be brought through on line and when it comes to selection and then purchase, virtual shopping is the best bet. If some one wants to have a unique product which is not available anywhere in the city, then going for online shopping is advised and preferable. Not many are comfortable with on line marketing as they want time to be passed with virtual shopping and getting out of the house.
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    Online shopping has been increasing day by day and it has become a craze in the metro cities of India. In some cases, online shopping has many advantages (and a few disadvantages). But, the real shoppers who get immense pleasure in bargaining, don't get that much attraction in online shopping, because they don't get an opportunity to bargain.
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    Online shopping is picking up. Many people are going for online shopping as the prices are less than normal sales. Many rebates and benefits are being offered to the people purchasing the material online. These days in Hyderabad even vegetables are ordered online and getting delivered to the house. If we are lazy and not interested in cooking the food for a day we can order the food online and the same will be delivered to our house at no extra cost. Similarly, there are many advantages. You need not waste time on purchases. No transportation cost. Traffic on the roads will reduce. As the overheads will be less the cost of the material will come down.
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