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    Today is the birthday of the great feminist writer

    I first read her famous short story 'lihaf' (The Quilt) in Bengali translation. As a student of the college, I did not fully understand the importance of the short story about sexual attraction between two females. But I understood that this story was something different. Later I came to know that this story had been banned in Pakistan and in India for a quite long time. Much later I read many of her short stories in English translation. It is really unfortunate that I could not read her original stories in her inimitable style.

    After partition, she went to Pakistan but could not stay there permanently. She returned to India. She also worked a script-writer in Bombay film industry. The great writer known for her feminism, free expression of female sexuality and depiction of class struggle, created controversy even after her death. She was cremated after her death in 1991 as per her wish and despite the protest of many of her community members.

    Today is the birthday of Ismat Chughtai, the famous Urdu writer of the last part pre-independence and the initial part of the post-independence era. Google Doodle has honoured thisgreat feminist writer on her birthday.
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    It seems that this great Urdu writer is being forgotten slowly and steadily. Even the Google Doodle has failed to make people curious to know about her creation.
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    Today I watched her photo on Google Doodle and out of interest to know who is that lady, I read about her. Chughtai was awarded Padma Shri in 1976. She passes away at the age of 80, in 1991.
    Chughtai's daughter, nephew and niece were married to Hindus. It is good to see a thread here on this great lady.

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    Yes I have also seen the tribute by Google doodle on Ismat Chughtai, the famous Urdu writer, which was right action on the part of Google to make us remember the greats of olden days.
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    Ismat Chughtai is a well known writer in Urdu and Hindi circles and it is really remarkable that the thread author has reminded us about her.

    Long back when we were reading a contemporary modern hindi story magazine we used to find the stories by Ismat Chughtai and they have still impressions in our mind.

    Knowledge is power.

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