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    What is True Education?

    What is the role of Education in general?

    I believe Education's role is to impart knowledge and not just to pass on the information. Knowledge is an awareness or consciousness gained through experience. It is something which helps an individual to liberate himself from the clutches of the society and its conditioning process.

    Whatever we gather through books or literature is information, not knowledge. Information is about events or affairs which took place in the past, made history & then we read through books or classroom lectures. We can use that information to answer a question, to pass exams, to clear an interview or to win an argument; but that information can never enhance one's intellect.

    Our Education system or School psychology is such that feeding information is considered teaching or edification. The fact is - we start conditioning or programming the child (a student) right from the beginning, by feeding him all sort of junk information. Consequently, we kill his intellect by cramming his brain with trash.
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    Swami Vivekananda has already given the definition of true education. I am quoting the great sage: "Education is the manifestation of perfection already in men. It is a pity that the existing system of education does not enable a person to stand on his own feet, nor does it teach him self-confidence and self-respect."
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    In simple language and in a single line, I would say that True Education is nothing but learning and understanding things of the past, present and future through books and experience through institutions and society.
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    A true education is learning a reality. Observe the current situation and practical thinking, sharp mind, bold speck this combination is a best education that is a true education.

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    A true education is one which must transform a nomad to a professional person by imparting such knowledge and information to which he was not aware and required in the future. Though our education system is bookish in nature and no scope for personal experiment, it is the interest of the respective persons to take the that bookish knowledge to further extent and be a winner. Right from the childhood , some have the niche of knowing many things and thus their knowledge base increase by clarifying the things which are unaware to them and that investigative attitude would make them to acquire wisdom.
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    Education is generally understand it is a form of learning whereby knowledge skills and habits. it is one of the transfer of information and knowledge from one to other.This is most important now a days. knowledge can avail from many sources. A master must be a experienced,knowledgeable,good views so that he can educate the children. Now a days so many changes one can learn himself,find,experienced by himself. deep teaching,thinking requirement aids have gone. everything is on time counts.
    Therefore true education is from who can strive work hard can get, can be able to show,explain,show the offline situations.knowledge can gain from books,magazines,media communications,then all these will help him to think find new innovative ideas,find the successful tracks,able to understand positive and negative

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    Education is a process of learning. Education is acquiring knowledge. We can get an education in many ways. Generally, we all feel we have to go to school to get educated. Not necessary. But is also one of the ways to get educated. You can get educated through discussions, meetings, training, and be imbibing by seeing the others. A good education will make your thinking process active in addition to learning accepted facts. It will also make you more curious about various issues and make you learn new things. This education only will make you learn till the last minute of your life.
    Education is very important in this society to understand the various issues and make a good progress in the life. Education will give you a lot of scopes to develop yourselves and you can live anywhere in the world once you have the correct education.

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    Right, education had always been a tool to develop our intellect, so that we could decide what is right for us (in particular) & what is right for the society (in general).

    The whole objective had been to broaden our horizon, not to limit or clutter it. If one's intelligence is uncluttered, wherever you put him he will survive & be happy. But education should also have a touch of sensitivity to it.

    We want to produce loving, wonderful & resilient human beings, not machines.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    "True Education" can be referred to instilling wisdom & attitude in any individual. The selfless personality being dedicated to the society which can make an individual understand its motherland & so in a way should always remain faithful to her so as to come-up with respect too.

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    In my opinion, Online Education is true education, Truly, online training is something worth being thankful for. Online training is a great side-effect of the innovative age, and manages a huge number of individuals, who might some way or another never have the capacity to facilitate their instruction, the chance to finish a course of concentrate for any of different reasons. With the capacity to gain a degree or accreditation certifications on the web, an aggressive individual can achieve their objective from the accommodation of their own home, without the weights of being physically present in a classroom. As a result of the failure to make it to a physical classroom setting and stick to the unbending calendar of ordinary grounds based learning, numerous individuals essentially don't make any endeavor to advance their learning. Online instruction sidesteps these detours and keeping in mind that there are a few advantages of being in an eye to eye classroom setting, the greater part of the information and abilities to progress in a profession can be adapted effortlessly on the web.

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