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    Our Education System.

    Deep down, we all believe in mass production - consistent quality and large number. And this is quite evident in our education system as well. We expect our students to follow the exact path which others followed.

    We might agree superficially that every individual is unique and therefore should be handled distinctively. But do we have the capability to see the uniqueness of every individual? We were conditioned & now we want to pass on that same legacy to our next generation.

    We enjoy quoting successful personalities (they had the courage to think & act differently); but when it comes to our own child, we already have a chalked out career plan for him. We are afraid of exclusive products. What if something goes wrong, what if the child fails, what if he doesn't succeed?

    If the child is allowed and helped to develop his individuality without any hindrance from others, we will have a beautiful brain. We will have a tremendous variety of geniuses.
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    Parenthood is something different from other relations & therefore the expectations become high & this very thing resulting to mismanagement. Before discussing further, we need to look at the different perspectives of being a parent with being a child. Wherein the child wants freedom & wants to live with their own life, the parents are very insecure because they are more aware of the outside world & the troubles that they have been facing since very long time & so a lot of instructions & restrictions follow onto the child. There is one answer being lying here with the solution that we need to keep balancing the things here but then again the comparison with others end the game here.

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    Right Sir. But parents need to understand that they cannot govern their child's life forever. Every human being is an accumulation of desires and nothing else. Our whole life revolves around fulfilling them & the child is no exception.

    Nature (life) has a natural flow, but we hinder it by our own restrictions & conditioning of the mind. We start conditioning or programming the child right from the beginning, by either feeding him all sort of junk information or by answering his questions which he didn't even bother to ask. Consequently, we kill a genius by killing his curiosity and cramming his brain with trash.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    These days parents are over caring for their children. During our early days, each family used to have multiple children. So parents were not paying more attention to a single child. But these days the number of children are less. Many couples are having only one child. So all their wishes which they were not able to fulfil in their lives wanted to pass on to their child. In this process, the caring, monitoring and spoon feeding are becoming more prominent. This is not a welcome feature. The child should be given to select his study line and we should not impose our wishes on them. This will make them lazy and they will not show much interest. Instead of that if we understand the desires and interests of the child and allow him to progress in that line he will become more active and he will show his talent in the life. So too much follow up and not considering the interests of the child will never yield any good results. So allow your children and to think and decide on their interest and careers but not force your decisions on them.
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