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    Why was Quality introduced in Management?

    Why was it necessary to come up with this idea of Quality in Management? What was the root cause which made it obligatory to bring in this whole system of Quality Management?

    We Human Beings have a fundamental blemish of being greedy. With evolution, our minds developed but so did this greed & desire to amass as much wealth, luxury or comfort. Instead of examining this greed; we started satisfying it with every possible means; making it our whole purpose of life.

    Instead of supplying the right product with right value, we started contaminating our business rationale, the processes & even the people involved. To curb this mindset, the idea of quality was brought up and later a whole system was put in place to control it.

    Quality is not a new concept; it is basically a response to curtail greed to a safe limit in the business world. So Greed & the concept of Quality, both originated in the mind. It's just that we see their manifestation in the real world & believe them as factual.
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    Quality management is a much bigger concept introduced in the management studies which doesn't only focusses on quality of the product and the services, but also on the means to achieve it. It's not that this never existed during the earlier times but had been present throughout but only on generalized basis & therefore the need came to look at each of the steps as an individual process so as to be more focused. This was required so as to control the rejections during any of the steps & helps to process the job more efficiently because this directly get its impact in the costing of the commodity which again affects the competitiveness in comparison to other available products & services in the market. These are all interrelated & hence the impact of one step would probably have the impact on others as well & the QMS is nothing but to observe all those, bring them to light & improve the overall performance.

    It's simple to understand from the fact that for any normal injuries any of the doctors can be a good but in case of serious injuries one has to opt for the specialist or else the whole system may get shut.

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    A quality management is something which an individual can handle his responsibilities in a effective manner. Being an entrepreneur an individual should come up with the handling quality management. How to deal it. Quality is something which is focused more by the people. People always go for the quality and quantity .

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    Quality Management is the hall mark of any organisation or Industry as the produce what they make must have the same quality and no variations can be accepted. When I was working with famous Jeans manufacturing company , I used to see at the process making where in the webs of the jeans are keenly observed before mass cutting and stitching. If the cloth is not properly knitted , then the lot itself is rejected , because jeans are made for the export order and the quality has to be good and consistent. That is why quality has been introduced in the management studies.
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    Quality is nothing but the suitability of the material for the purpose intended to use it. Initial days when there are no quality management systems in place, the products are made and checked for its usage and the material which is not useful was getting rejected. This is leading to a lot of wastage. So to avoid this final stage rejection an inbuilt quality management system has been thought of. The present quality management system is a revised version of many earlier versions. The present-day market is having a lot of competitions and if one has to survive in the market they should be the front-runners in the market. For this giving a quality product at a lesser price is the prime requirement. That is why quality management is taking a lead role in the service sector and manufacturing sector.
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