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  • Category: New Year Resolutions

    Parents life is not so easy

    Everytime a parents need to be very carefull towards their children.they need to take care of their child in a good manner.a small negligence towards their children will be very punishable to their parents. Because becoming a parents is not an easy task, especially for mothers. A mother Is always thinking about their children. She never take rest.a mother love towards their children is just unexplainable. Nobody can describe a mother loves in simple way. Because of mother every child took born in this world. A mother would sacrifice and gone through a lot. During the pregnancy and also after pregnancy she need to face to much difficulties.
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    I appreciate the feelings expressed by the author. Yes no body knows the children better than mother and her thoughts are always with the well being of the children. So concerned she would that she is ready to forgo her share of food and time for the sake of child. I have seen the mothers waking up the whole night when the children are suffering from cold and cough or fever. Next day she wont get up late. She wakes up and does all the daily routines much to the surprise of all. I bow my head to all the mothers who were so caring and be responsible to nurture best children.
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    In our life, not only the parents, but every stage is not so easy but tough.
    As an infant baby - a slave life in cradles, bed and laps.
    As a school going child - study study study is the word heard with a heavy load of books and papers.
    After education - Search search search for a job with too many interviews and disappointments.
    After marriage - Having been tied strongly with three knots care each other with love and to struggle.
    After giving birth to children - Worry as parents in nurturing and bringing them up.
    In their old age - Children doesn't care, but sent to old age home to suffer.

    So, Life on earth is not so easy, but live it out.

    No life without Sun

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    After becoming parents, I have realized that parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is not very easy to nurture a child. Human Resource Development is truly a tough project but if the project is successful, it gives immense satisfaction.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    A mother's role in bringing up her children in second to none. The relation between the mother and the child will start very early at least 9 months before the child comes on to this world. Before birth and after birth also mother has to take care of the child and see that the child will be comfortable. All the parents should take care of their children and teach them the ethics and good habits and see that they will grow in the correct direction
    Generally, all the parents will always try to give the maximum comforts to their children. Even they may eat or may not eat, but they will see that their children will have the comforts. They will take maximum pains to see that their children will be happy. Really parenting is a tough job and a thankless job. A parent should not expect anything in return from their children so that there will not be any disappointment afterwards. The children's behaviour will tell about the qualities of the parents.

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    No doubt, a mother goes through too much agony for the love of her children. But fathers also sacrifice a lot for the entire family. They both have equal importance and deserve equal respect. But sometimes parents get obsessed with their care & assume too much responsibility for their child or children & this often leads to a difficult situation.

    If you look around, you will see that Nature is taking care of everything without being involved directly. It provides everything that is necessary and at the same time remains aloof from the entire process of birth, growth & decay.
    I agree that Parents brings the child to this world but they are also part of this nature; they cannot control child's life.

    Birth, Death & the learning process takes its own course. No come can claim the right for this natural autonomous course. Parents should also take care of their own happiness, desires & should live a healthy life. That's Nature.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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