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    Festivals are like blossoms

    A festivals are those where relationship get close and it is very nice occasions where all family members gather together and have fun in our house me and my cousins and my all family enjoy a lot in every festivals we just want to be the festivals never go it should always remain. So we can celebrate and enjoy our selves.being in family is a very special to me because we get lots of love from our families and we can also enjoy a lot so I wish for everyone should have a nice family.
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    Yes festivals bring families together, society together and some festivals like Deepavali , all religion people would celebrate the same with much fervor and interest. Like wise in Tamil Nadu the Sankranthi or the Pongal festival which is celebrated to welcome the first crop of the season is celebrated by the all the sections of the society keeping aside their religion for some time. That is the good feeling. In Hyderabad the Hindus participate in the Ramzan and Bakrid festivals with much enthusiasm. So festivals unite people cutting across religion and region of whatsoever they belong.
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    What the author has said I have understood. Every festival spreads its own fragrance, just like a beautiful flower is blossoming.
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    I do not think so. When we talk about Pongal or Sankranthi, the festival helps us to carryout annual maintenance of our home. It is the time to get our home cleaned up by throwing all the junks accumulated in a year in our home. When we talk about Deepavali, it is the festival to get new dresses to wear and varieties of sweets and dishes to taste. Ramzan and Easter is to clean our stomach with many number of days fasting.
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    That is correct, festivals bring closeness in the relationships. In various festivals we do preparations, we remember our tradition and understand our culture. Either it is Holi, Diwali or Dussehra, every festival has its own significance. Festivals are the true symbol of our Indian culture. It brings in more happiness, fun, and joy to all our families.
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    Festivals give us an opportunity to celebrate and get to gether. Who does not like fun and frolic?

    Just imagine if festivals are not there, how monotonous the life will be.

    There are some modern people who say that festivals are a waste of time and we should not celebrate them. They say it because they already break their monotony by attending late night parties and picnics etc which in fact are like festivals only and they do not then require the actual festivals as it becomes a redundant thing for them.

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    For any part of the world, their respective festivals come up with lots of opportunities for making celebrations & while at the same time generating a sense of togetherness with our closed ones & even with the individuals we are not familiar with because in some way we all are related then. In a way that we are flexible enough to get ourselves involved to the festivals of others makes an occasion or a moment unique so as to become lifetime memories. Being a human being we should be obliged with our ancestors for providing us with such festivals which has been continued giving us the celebrations time altogether.

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    Festivals are good for making people together. These days combined families are not there. Parents live in villages and their son's and daughter's families will be settled somewhere as per their employment and other issues. For such people, these festivals will provide a chance to get together in their native place with the parents. This will give a way for the next generation of people to get acquainted with each other. It will be a good time for the grandchildren to hear stories narrated by their grandparents before sleeping in the nights. These festivals will give a relief to the people who are very busy and run day and night for something or other. These people will enjoy their leisure by visiting the green fields in the villages. We all our brothers and sisters will make a point to meet for every Pongal and Dasara at our native place and spend together. So festivals are really good for happiness and children will enjoy these festivals more than the elders,
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