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    What a price? It is really a surprise.

    I am lover of HMT watches. The first wrist watch HMT Sona, a gold colour flat wrist watch (Mechanical winding)that I bought cost only Rs. 75/- then. I presented it to one my cousin. Then I was wearing an HMT Kohinoor watch bought for Rs. 250/-and used it for 5 years. Someone had stolen it. Later I bought the HMT Sona watch for Rs. 350/- and used it for 5 years and lost it. Somewhere in nineties, I bought the same HMT Sona writst watch for Rs. 700/- and presented it to my son. My son presented it to his friend.

    Now I searched the net to get one such HMT Sona watch on line through Amazon. To my great astonishment, the watch now costs Rs. 9999/-. What a high price for a wrist watch !

    Is it worth buying a mechanical winding HMT Sona wrist watch for Rs. 9999/- now?

    @ I have attached the image of the good old simple but lovely golden watch for you to watch.

    HMT Sona
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    Yes, it is worth purchasing for its antique value. Go for it. You will be the centre of attraction with this antique piece in every social gathering and party.
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    I do not think that the manufacturing company HMT would be manufacturing such watches now. How come amazon is ready to sell it to me? It could be an old wrist watch secondhand or third hand or more hands . What do you say?

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    "Now I searched the net to get one such HMT Sona watch on line through Amazon. "-----If it is a new watch, it is good for you. If it is a used watch, even then you will be famous among your friends, relatives and acquaintances for the antique value of the watch. If your pocket permits, go for it.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    It is a foolish move to have the HMT sona watch at a much hyped price online as I believe the company stopped to manufacture the particular variety. Because there is a exclusive show room on the way to my office and I find it closed every time. By the way when you can get imported gold plated wrist watch for the cost of 9999, and in fact I believe you can have two for that price. If any one coming from Dubai, you can fetch the same and I am sure you will be the center of attraction with that gold plated watch as there would quality and the guarantee of the watch of varied brands.
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    The wonder is - Amazon says that there is only one such watch in their stock. What a business tactic to lure the people!
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    It all depends on our thinking and capacity. Many rich people spend abnormal money for purchasing some uniques items and keep them in their house as a showpiece to show their love and interest for the items which are not available in general and very rare. We will be seeing many auctions wherein some items are sold at a very high price. In Hyderabad during Ganesh Festival on the day of immersion, the laddu kept in the hands of the Ganesh will be auctioned and people will get for a very high price. It is their passion and interest.
    So you can decide about purchasing the item by considering the interest you have and the cost factor. I never have such fancy for any items. So if I have to take a decision I will not purchase that watch at that high price. You have to take your own decision.

    always confident

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    Dear fellow ISCian,
    If you happen to visit any HMT watch show room in your city or town, and if you see a HMT Sona watch in their show case, kindly inform me through a PM. I shall be very grateful to you, and will be ready to buy it. Please keep this in your mind.

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    The price difference will have many reasons. The commonest would be the purchasing power of money that changes over time (1990s-2017).
    The other would cost for the brand name and then the cost of the product itself. We can get a perfectly working watch for a couple of thousands or a couple of lakhs. It depends on the passion and tastes of each individual.
    Lastly, while buying online from sites, it would be better to compare the prices in shops and company websites. For instance (https://www.hmtwatches.in/17/products/sona.htm).

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    As directed by Natarajan, I browsed the net and I could see varieties of HMT Sona watches available for us with different dials. The price ranges from Rs. 899 to 1428 only. Many varieties are awaiting to be stocked.

    I really don't understand as to how the online shoppers amazon could quote that extraordinary amount of Rs. 9999/- for the watch stating that they have only one last peace to sell. How people are getting cheated by the online shoppers.

    Am in Bengaluru, and I am sure to buy one HMT Sona watch for me at the earliest.

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    Dear Members,
    Very pleased to inform you that the HMT SONA watches are in production. I have already ordered for a HMT Sona watch from HMT company. It costs me Rs. 979 (Rs. 899/- + Rs. 80 delivery charge). I am likely to get it within 2-4 days. I shall inform you all, when I get it in my hand.

    VMT to Mr Natarajan for showing me the right path to HMT Sona.

    Thus I saved Rs. 9000/- by not getting trapped into Amazon.

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    Mr. SuN: I do know that even now some people like old-fashioned mechanical spring wrist-watches and so such watches are still being produced, albeit in a much lesser quantity. As the production level has come down, the price of such mechanical spring watches has shot up.
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    No Mr. Partha,
    I bought the same good old HMT Sona wrist watch (mechanical winding) for Rs. 700/- in 90s from a HMT retail shop in Ernakulam (Opposite Siva Temple). Now the price is only 899/- from the manufacturing company . A difference of Rs. 199/- only. There is no much escalation of price even after two decades. I must have paid more in 90s, I think.

    @ Update: The above information is wrong. What is available to us is HMT Quartz Sona watch only. I have cancelled the order. Amazon may be right with its price for the Sona as an antique.

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    Dear Members,
    After some struggle, I got the HMT Sona (Mechanical winding) watch hiding somewhere. After a prolonged search, I could trace it. It is available with HMT company. It is placed under Eco friendly mechanical watches (males). Its price is only Rs. 4066/- Presently the stock is not available. I have asked them to notify when it is available. Where is 4066/- and where is 9999/- of Amazon?

    @ I have now placed the image of the lovely HMT Sona watch in my thread message for you to watch.

    @@ An update on 27th August 2018:
    Now Amazon has hiked the rate of HMT Sona (Mechanical winding) from Rs. 9999/- to Rs.22898/- having a stock of only one such watch.

    @@@ What a great HMT Sona watch!

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