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    How is Trust related to Growth in an Organization.

    When you don't trust, you don't delegate;

    When you don't delegate, there is no responsibility;

    No responsibility means, no ownership;

    No ownership means, no commitment;

    No commitment means, no involvement;

    No involvement means, no learning;

    No learning means, no growth.
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    We often misunderstand or use interchange words without knowing the true meaning.
    In any organisation/firm/company etc,trust,commitment, accountability and used freely but, these have different meanings.

    For instance, one might have a good deal of trust in an organisation and vice-versa but if the employee does not have accountability or the company does not have commitment towards the welfare of the employee and instead focuses only on profit margins, then 'trust' becomes meaningless.

    So trust, a two-way channel, is important along with other factors that foster (good work ethics, employee and employer qualities) growth of the individual, the team and the firm as a whole.

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    A Company / Organization render their services to achieve certain target in view of that needs manpower and Admin staff together leads success.Here a Worker need a trust on the management where he can run the firm with all matters,ultimately company / oragnization success in their lines. if they'r all not together definitely that will be declined in the graph.

    Therefore, a management, worker should have good relation and accountability for the better prospects. when the Management fulfill the employees common necessities ultimately trust bind between them. So trust is an important role towards all managerial sectors.

    responsibility,punctuality,commitment,discipline will play a role in trust

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    Love your job but not the company. These are the words of our late Ex president Kalamji. If you trust your organisation, you work hard and see that the company will go forward. At the same time, the company should also trust you. The trust should not be one way. If you put your heart out and work for the organisation, the results will be good for the organisation. In the same way, if the organisation recognises your efforts and encourages you will get further motivated. But in many places, it will not happen. The credit will go to somebody else and they will be getting rewarded. Then we will lose our confidence in the organisation but we never lose confidence in our strengths. So we will definitely look for a better post somewhere else. This is a loss to the company. So I always feel that this faith would be two way between the employee and the employer but not only one way. These organisations will pay you as long as you will deliver. But the moment they feel you are not delivering they will definitely show you the outgate without any consideration. So this fact should be kept in mind by each and every working person, especially in private organisations.
    always confident

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    Trust is built with the work you do. Until and unless you are unable to build that trust among your fellow colleagues showing good performance and accuracy, they won't be delegating their tasks to you.
    Also, delegation is important when the work becomes more and requires further participation from other team members. True that trust helps in the growth of an individual, not only in the professional scenario but also at personal levels. This kind of trust and relationship is built with consistency and being available when required. It's kind of give and takes ratio. The more you give of yourself, the more others will change their perception of you.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A job in any organisation is the give and take policy for both the employee and the management. Company gives you the salary with a high hope that you deliver the good job much to their satisfaction. Please note that the performance and commitment of each employee is interlinked with the progress and finishing of job of other employees. That means one has to complete his task fully, otherwise other employee cannot carry on. For example if the accounts department wont tabulate the salary details of each employee and hand over the same to the cashier, he cannot effect payment on the due date. So dedication work by every one is the must in any organisation. And this applies to the management too. They cannot shirk the responsibility of taking work and delaying the salary payment citing one reason or the other which is not acceptable for those employees who are sincere and done their work.
    K Mohan
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