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    What is happening to the Chief Minister?

    Today morning I have received the news. Shri Ashish Khetan, an important member of AAP and a vocal supporter of Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the present Chief Minister of Delhi, has left the party for aam admis. At the beginning of the month, another great man and journalist, Shri Ashutosh, also left the party. During the last part of last year, the great poet, Shri Kumar Biswas, had left.

    Let us go back to 2016. Two founder-members of this great party of brooms, Shri Prashant Bhushan and Shri Jogendra Yadav left the party-sorry, they were thrown out. Even earlier, another leader, Smt. Shazia Ilmi deserted Shri Kejriwal.

    I don't understand what is happening to this 'honest' Chief Minister. If this continues, who will be with him at the time of next beating another officer of the Secretariat?
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    Arvind Kejriwal will search for someone, and might take Anna Hazare with him after tendering an apology for ditching him and leaving him in the lurch. AAP will become POP(People's Opposing Party) sooner or later. Modi will defeat him and have his feet in Delhi.
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    Many good leaders are leaving the party. It may be due to the difference of opinions with the supreme of the party. These people may not be liking the ways of the CM of Delhi. It is not good for the party if all good people are leaving the party. The party administration should make a review of the happenings and should understand what is the root cause of these people leaving the party. Once the reasons are understood, they should decide on the policies and methods so that they can retain senior and good people with them.
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    So this proves that Arvind Kejriwal who was good earlier and liked by every Aam Aadmi of India is loosing the charisma as he tend to behave like ordinary politician and there is no difference or what so ever. He has been erring one after other. He has been accusing central ministers one after other and then tendered apology. He suddenly joins with opposition front and heaps choicest abuse at the BJP and then goes into silence mode. All this new tantrums are not liked by the seasoned members of the AAP and hence they are deserting the party. And ever since that Bengaluru episode has been exposed , his name degraded much.
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    Ashish Khetan sent his resignation to Shri Kejriwal on the Independence Day. Ashutosh resigned the same day citing a "very, very personal reason".
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